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When You Give A Shrub A Sandwich

Mr. C. Cow and I stopped the other day to picnic. While I was picking up after we had finished our dining I caught Mr. C. trying to feed a sandwich to a bear shaped shrub.

Shrub Bear’s Model Pose. 

Why in the world was Mr. C. Cow trying to feed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to a shrub? I know it’s shaped like a bear but it’s not like the shrub actually needed a sandwich. When I asked him I was informed that he felt it got tired of always being on the “photosynthesis diet” and needed a bit of variety. That both makes sense and no sense at the same time. I got Mr. C. to stop attempting to stuff a pb&j into a bear shrub and finish his lunch.

At least Mr. C. Cow didn’t notice this statue and try to feed it!

The attempt at feeding a plant a sandwich got me thinking about how, sometimes, our brains go to silly places when we look at certain things. Take this train warning sign for example:


Do trains bite? Do they sneak up behind you and attempt to steal your purse if you’re not careful? Are the trains hanging out with the “bad crowd” and throwing dice in back alleys? 

Thinking about trains in the sense of being criminals instead of the obvious “don’t play on train tracks or you’ll get squished” is kinda fun. Not as much fun as feeding plants picnic food (according to Mr. C. Cow) but fun anyways.

Beautiful View By Our Picnic Spot!

I never know what Mr. C. Cow is going to do when we stop the camper sometimes. One moment he might be spouting philosophy to passing ducks than attempting to use a sled on a playground slide for “maximum speed” the next.

I must say he is NEVER boring and does, on occasion, get my imagination pumped up as well!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Hodby Village (M)

I want to give a shout-out to my friend Ramblingal Bun for pointing out this location for us to visit! She owns a store called “Classic Accessories” that is located at the Hodby Village. Check it out if you’re passing by!

(Not a paid endorsement for the store. Just want to give some love for sharing this nice location for postcards!)

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Mutton Chops

It’s not often that a saucy gentleman in a jaunty mustache tips his hat at you outside of a bar. On a cobblestone street.

He needs a cape to complete the look.

Ok. In all honesty this happens more than I like to admit. I am starting to wonder if my “hair is larger than the rest of my body” attracts people who like to twirl their villain mustaches. Some people attract “the norm” while I am a gravitational pull to those that enjoy top hats and wicked “Muah Ha Ha!!” laughs.

The sight of this gentleman outside of the bar has almost distracted me from todays postcard! Forgive us! 

Today we found ourselves in some sort of small town that seems to have stopped evolving into the shiny contemporary city styles you see today somewhere around the time when mutton chops were a thing. Not complaining because I enjoy having a pint or two someplace that is untouched by the whole tweeter facebot era.

Trying to explain “snackchat” thing to the bartender.

I mean…you need to just take a look at their local grocery store to really understand that this small village hasn’t grasped the concept of healthy living and bring your own bags to save the planet. In place of those shiny ads telling you to eat the latest in low-cal no fat half-Caff protein sticks in a can the store explains just how much tobacco you can purchase.

Smoke cigars not meat I say!

After purchasing five pounds of loose leaf tea, a box of cigars, a bucket of flour, and goat feed (you never know when you might need goat feed!) I could not bring myself to drive off for the evening. Mr. C. Cow had found a place that sold villain twirling mustaches and hand crank coffee grinders so he also did not want to travel on into the night. Purchases securely placed in the camper we forged onward to the local hotel.

A room with indoor plumbing will cost you extra.

All of this exposure to pounds of dry goods, pints of beer, mutton chops, and the overwhelming feeling that I might need to learn how to shoe a horse (a valuable skill in this town) I feel we might need to leave after we spend the night.  I’m afraid that if we stay any longer Mr. C. Cow might take up blacksmithing. I would have to learn how to play ragtime on the piano while Mr. C. dances for pennies.

To think that a day that started out with a mustached villain tipping his hat somehow ended up with us having to haul around giant sacks full of goat feed in a camper.  Sometimes, when I look back at what we’ve written in our postcards, I am not exactly sure how we got here. All I know is that we need to leave.

And maybe find one of those protein sticks in a can.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Glastonbury (M)

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Kiss And Moo

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!


Mr. C. Cow and I traveled home for the luv day so that we could spend it with those that we cared about. Bishop and I decided to spend the day watching old movies while Mr. C. went on a fancy, heart filled, mushy date.

Ooooo…..Mr. C. Cow………

Yes. Mr. C. Cow is a heart throb among his friends and had no problem finding a date for the most important of amorous days. He was going out on a very special date with a young lady named Linda the Llama. He was extremely nervous about his serious date and spent twenty minutes trying to figure out what tie he should wear. I recommended he go with something tasteful that showed off his spots. Mr. C. ended up going with a flashy tie full of neon hearts. To each his own fashion.

I guess it’s that way.

I am so proud of how thoughtful Mr. C. Cow is when he goes on a date. Especially a date that is on the utmost important day of affection. Not only did he give Linda chocolates, a teddy bear, and a greeting card but he also showered her with flowers. No…seriously….he picked her up and made flower petals rain down upon her. Who does that? Mr. C. Cow I guess. I hope she doesn’t have some sort of pollen/flower allergy.

Do you need a booth to hug in? Are we allowed to hug outside the booth?

I would share more about Mr. C. Cow’s date with the lovely Linda but that is about all I know that happened. He blushed and said something about not “Kissing and moo-ing”. You sly bovine you! I like Linda the Llama and hope to see her around again soon. Mr. C. deserves s omeone who loves him for who he is. We love him so we know someone else will love him just as much as we do.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Isle Of View (G)

You can go and get a free gift for yourself or sent one to your sweetheart when you visit. This isle has been around for YEARS. I suggest you take the time to visit for Valentines day.

Seriously…if you don’t get the reference “Isle Of View” you need to read a Xanth novel.

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Oat Burger

Mr. C. Cow and I love sending you postcards twice a week. It was an absolute treat and surprise when we were sent a postcard! We have a phenomenal friend named Marslean who was more than willing to become roommates with us back home. Since we’re not at home a lot it’s nice to have someone taking care of the place. She is also really knowledgeable about machinery and tools so Marslean is a big help for Bishop over at the construction company. Probably much better help than us two knuckle heads.

Here is the postcard she sent us!


I went to a water park today and I had an interesting experience! When I arrived the first thing I saw was this colossal water slide that I just could not wait to try out.

I can see our house from here!

While I was walking around I passed a nice reindeer couple and asked them about the massive water slide. No answer! They seemed too preoccupied with chewing their food to talk. Then that got me thinking, I’m hungry too! When I sat down to eat an oat burger (That Mr.C.Cow happily made for me) I stared at the waterslide once more. It took a little bit of yelling “You can do it!” at myself to get the nerve up to slide down it.

Well…your lunch looks pretty tasty.

While I was walking up the stairs I caught a glimpse of a lighthouse.

Reminds me of good times!

It reminded me about the time when Tipsy,  Mr. C. Cow, and I took a trip to the beach. Mr.C and I fished while Tipsy took pictures for a postcard. Mr. C. Cow SWEARS that the fish he caught was bigger then mine. He is such a fibber! Someone needs to buy him a ruler or fish measurer or something!

When I reached the top, I took an inner tube that was a lovely shade of green, and sat down at the beginning of the slide.


Turning and twisting I zipped down the slide, water splashing everywhere! At the end of the slide, I stood up, and  being a little dizzy I decide to go sit by the lighthouse and drink a bit of tea. What a good way to end the day.


OMG! We got an awesome postcard and the urge to visit a water slide sometime soon. Mr. C. Cow is already planning a shopping trip for inner tubes. He’s determined that, if he is faced with a tremendous waterslide, he will only slide down on his own equipment. I think I’ll just invite Marslean to drink tea at the bottom. It seems safer!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Marathon Caye Lookout Point And Water Slide (M)

Thank you so much to Marslean for the postcard! She is actually our real roommate and does help Bishop with the equipment company as well as take care of the house. Bishop has told us that she is WAY BETTER at driving a forklift than we are. I beg to differ as Mr. C. Cow makes a far superior “beep beep” back up noise then anyone I know.

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Graceful Bovine Magic

Every Friday there is a Rainbow Tinies party that Mr. C. Cow and I try to attend when we’re in the area. Mr. C. Cow gets REALLY excited when he knows we get to go because he is an excellent dancer. I have always assumed that he went to some sort of school to learn how to hoof it but it’s all natural talent. Mr. C. can dance around like a graceful bovine ballet dancer compared to my swaying back and forth in rhythm (not really) to the music. Maybe I need the lessons.

Fox Friends 4-Ever!

What is “Rainbow Tinies”?

Rainbow Tinies is open to anyone! It is for the LGBTQ community as well as friends and supporters. Their events are for everyone (avatar & players 18+. No adult content). The Rainbow Tinies support Free2Luv which is a non-profit organization that fights against bullying and celebrates equality. They have a party every Friday from Noon-2pm slt (Second Life Time). that is an absolute blast! Everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming! DJ Story spins the tunes, Linn is a great host, and Pieni the awesome cakefox works tirelessly to make sure everyone has a wonderful time. This amazing trio makes each and every Friday special for everyone.


This week Mr. C. Cow and I are hoping that we are in the area so we can party down with everyone. He’s extra specially excited as he has been working on a new party outfit to wear. It has, from what I have seen so far, some sort of spandex sparkly one piece, a pair of GIANT sunglasses, and a fez. Where does he find these various articles of clothing while we are traveling? Grocery store? Carry out? Trading post?  I am assuming that he is doing more than buying bread and toilet paper when he goes to the grocery store. Can’t really say too much about his shopping habits as I do have a colossal closet dedicated to the hair arts.

I Wonder Who Lives In The Itty-Bitty Cabin…

If we do get a chance to go this week we might have to show up a little early. It takes a while to park the camper and Mr. C. Cow, with all of his clothing, might take longer than usual to get dressed. All I do is make sure my hair is symmetrical and immense. Mr. C. takes his planning and dressing to new levels with the moo-ing over what matches platform shoes or “do these heart-shaped sunglasses make my ears look big?”.

We hope that we’ll see you there one of these Fridays!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Rainbow Tinies (M) 

Each Friday there is a party in-world from Noon-2pm SLT.

If you want to know more about the Rainbow Tinies, see photos of past parties or party information you can visit at any time or check out the following links:

Rainbow Tinies On Facebook 

Kuiskaava Kettu (Information & Photos from Rainbow Tinies as well as other great SL info. and causes.)

Check out Free2Luv for more information on this non-profit doing good work!





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Mumbly Grumble

I am feeling all sorts of grumpy and grumbly this morning. Like I woke up on the wrong side of the camper floating in a river going off of a cliff grumpy. If I could kick the sun and not burn my tiny little foot off I would grumpy. Mr. C. Cow, on the other hand, woke up all sorts of chipper and bouncy. I don’t know how he can wake up like that every morning. You would think he would get up at least once in his life and not be so happy.

Oh I’m trying Ms. Sign! I really am!

To combat my mumble grumbles Mr. C. Cow decided to drive me to the most beautiful place he could find for pancakes. I didn’t think his chipper idea of pancakes was going to work but, lo and behold, he found some sort of cheerful cafe that seemed to be blessed by the sun.

(The Skies Open) Ahhhhh….

The sight of this magnificent building combined with the rays of the sun shining down upon it like some sort of sky blessing got rid of my mumbles. I still had my grumbles and those weren’t going to be impressed by light trickery. Mr. C. Cow was going to have to do better than that!

Are…Are Those For…Me??!!??


“You still have the grumbles? Pancakes take away the grumbles!” – Mr. C. Cow presenting me with the perfect pile of pan cakery. 

Not only did Mr. C. find a way to get rid of my mumbles he also got rid of my grumbles. He got rid of the grumpy, the mean eye, AND the need to kick the sun. All with just a plate of pancakes? Nah. It’s not just the pancakes. It’s a friend who drives you to a breakfast joint, buys you breakfast, and tries to cheer your blues away. A friend who puts up with you when you sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the camper and still gives you pancakes.

I don’t know how Mr. C. Cow wakes up every morning all chipper and bouncy. What I do know is that I need to try to learn how to bounce, at least, a little.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: Coffee & Cakes (M)

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Safety Vests Are Important

Bishop gave us a call while we were at a rest stop the other day. It was great to hear his voice because, although Mr. C. Cow is the GREATEST travel buddy in the world, I miss Bishop. I know he misses us too but we are a bit of a pain in the butt while home.

A good example of us being pains is the fact that he sent me photos of what was going on at the equipment company and I wasn’t very helpful. It’s not my fault I don’t know the difference between a hydraulic lift and something or other…I forget…

You can make that one thing on it go up and down!

Bishop sent the first photo of some sort of thing you can drive. I think it looks really pretty with its bright yellow color and the fact that it has tires. I could visualize him shaking his head as he explained to me that it was our newest piece of company equipment. I gave him the thumbs up (which I realized he couldn’t see) and told him it was a great piece of machinery.  I’m sure him and Mr. GEHL would get along just fine. At that point he asked to talk to Mr. C. Cow for a few minutes.

After listening to one side of a twenty-minute conversation about safety vests it was my turn to discuss the second photo Bishop sent me.

It’s Miller Time!

I thought it was a beer fridge. A fancy beer fridge that had a bunch of knobs and buttons on it because, the more an object has, the more expensive it is.


Since the words “Trailblazer” was written on it then it must lead people by wagon through the Oregon trail.


Bishop informed me that I wasn’t even close and this was a welder. It gives you welts? Why would an equipment company want to give people welts? Doesn’t sound like good business practice to me!

Equipment aside we talked about how much we missed each other. I might confuse a welder with a fancy beer fridge but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a luv connection going on. I make him laugh more than I drive him nuts. Mr. C. Cow loves him because he has someone to discuss hard hats with. We make a pretty good team!

Maybe one day he’ll let me drive that new piece of machinery…if Mr. GEHL is ok with it.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

All Photos Taken In Virginia by Bishop. Thank you!!!

If you’re feeling the need to touch machinery then come check out Tealeaf Equipment on Route 11 in Second Life.