Boom Pow Crash

Mr. C. Cow and I got stuck on a beach the other day in the middle of a HUGE thunderstorm. We watched it roll in and there was nothing we could do about it. Outrunning it wasn’t an option and, as I explained to Mr. C. Cow, we were not about to pretend to be Ben Franklin. I didn’t want to learn about electricity by tying a key to a kite. Especially when it was the key to the camper.I know he had a kite hidden somewhere in the camper but where he got a Ben Franklin historical reenactment outfit is beyond me.


I talked him out storm kite flying by offering to play cow checkers with him. Cow checkers are different from regular checkers. Basically you just let him move the checkers around and cheer when he gets them across the board. It’s hard to move tiny round objects with hoofs. Just getting them to move where you want instead of shooting across the camper is a victory on it’s own.


After about 500 or so rounds of cow checkers we just sat and watched the rain out the window. Listened to the pitter patter and KAAA BOOOMs of the storm. I’m really glad that Mr. C. Cow isn’t afraid of storms. It would be hard to keep a cow calm in such a small space. Can you imagine the mess? Cow hoofs on the ceiling. Mr. C. Cow hiding in the camper bathroom. Toothpaste stepped on and shot all over the window.

I think I’m going to take a page from the world of Franklin and drink a glass of wine till the storm passes.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Gale Storm Retreat (M) 

Dairy Angels Watching

A Poem By Mr. C. Cow


Riding high above the town.

Cow in the clouds looking down.

Like an dairy angel watching over the herd.

Moving box on wheels higher then a bird.

A curve makes you disappear from view.

Miles make you a memory new.

I wonder as I look around.

What wonders there I may have found.

If I had stopped and got to know you.

A friend I would have to share your view.

Postcard Posted For Mr. C. Cow By Tipsy

Yes….I totally clapped for him getting all poetic! Not too bad for a cows first try! Awww! Baby cows first poem! 

*Gets all teary eyed*

Location: Risian Flux (M)

Vincent Van Moo

Today we got a WONDERFUL letter from Mr. C. Cow’s cousin “Cowabunga”. He’s been a avid reader of our postcards since the beginning. He sent us a few pictures of his artwork.


Here we can see Mr. C. Cow and the camper stopped at some lovely flowers. Cowabunga informed us that he thought we would stop at flowers because we would use them to decorate the camper. (Note To Self: Get a nice flower vase so we don’t have to keep putting flowers in old jars of peanut butter.)

My favorite part of this drawing he sent us has to be of Mr. C. Cow himself. I’ve never seen a happier cow holding a flower!


Because Cowabunga wanted to be a part of this post he sent us a great selfie. I wonder if he has a  special selfie stick to use when you have hoofs. If not then someone should invent one. Although, you might not make too much money as I’ve never met a cow that didn’t try to pay for something with cud.


Cowabunga did send us the original drawing so we hung it up on our little camper fridge. Mr. C. Cow used his flower shaped magnet he got at a park we visited to match the flowers in the drawing. We send a big THANK YOU to for sending us the drawing as well as the photos. We’re really going to have to visit Mr. C. Cow’s cousin sometime.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

If you would like to send us a picture of any drawings you have depicting our adventures on the road you can send them to!

Beep Beep Beep

I am betting that many of you have been wondering how Mr. C. Cow and I get all of our money to travel. How do we pay for gas? How do they have the money to eat? It’s easy! Mr. C. Cow lays golden eggs.

I’m joking!

We actually own a business along with my sweetheart (You’ll get to meet him soon enough!) Bishop. While we are out and about traveling the globe in our camper Bishop runs our heavy equipment business. It’s called “Tealeaf Equipment” and it’s across the street from a rest stop we opened on Route 11.


How much do you and Mr. C. Cow, actually, know about equipment?

The answer is…..we know that you use it to do stuff. Like move stuff or build stuff or whatever. That’s why Bishop runs the business while we are out sending postcards to all of you! We decided to open up an equipment company to make some camper gas money because Mr. C. Cow already owned a hard hat. I also liked the idea of having people pay me to drive around their yards and yell construction lingo while driving around.

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I think that Mr. C. Cow really enjoys the noise that machinery makes while backing up as he is very good at going “Beep Beep Beep”. Sometimes, while we are in the shop, we like to make the noise in harmony while Bishop drives by. I think that might be one of the reasons he’s in a great mood while we are off in the camper. That and the fact that we did, accidentally, run a port-a-potty over.

I think I need to send Bishop a gift basket for putting up with us, letting us travel and share, as well as replacing the port-a-potty.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Tealeaf Equipment On Route 11 (M)

I would also like to give a shout out to MayMay who is the artist who created the cartoon bunny you see in the postcard. (Your bunny is being safe up there I swear!) You can check out her artwork right HERE!

Kazoo Kablamo


Sometimes the road ends and you are left with no place to go.

I’m not talking about the end of a journey you silly postcard readers! I’m talking about not having a road to drive on anymore!

We came to the end of a long and winding road the other day that left us no choice but to take a ferry across to the other side. Mr. C. Cow was convinced that we could just drive there but I had to point out a few important facts about campers.

  1. Campers are not submarines.
  2. The windows on the camper are not water tight.
  3. We cannot just drive on the water as we would just sink. (I also had to explain to Mr. C. Cow that you can’t drive on the bottom of the ocean.)
  4. We don’t float.
  5. They do not make swimmies big enough for a camper.

After convincing him that the camper cannot cross the water without the help we missed the ferry. Luckily, there was another one that was coming along in an hour. It gave us time to wander around the small town along the docks.

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We found a small record store and were able to purchase some new music for the camper. Did you know that you can actually buy music that isn’t in some sort of MP3, sound file, computer music magic-majigy? WILD! I picked out some lovely standards of jazz while Mr. C. Cow thought purchasing something called “Kazoo Kablamo” was a good choice. My poor ears are already frightened trying to figure out what this will sound like.

When the ferry came we, very carefully, drove the camper on board. I told Mr. C. Cow that everything was going to be ok. The camper did not need to put a swim suit on. He did not need to wear nose plugs while riding on the ship. When we get back on the road I think we’ll have to discuss ferry’s and how they actually work. Hopefully I don’t have to explain it to him while listening to kazoo music.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Location: West Of The Rain (M)

Making A Commotion

Met a narwal named Nancy the other day while at a cafe. I was having a bit of trouble seeing over the counter to order something sweet and she was more then willing to help me look at all of the delicious deserts. I can understand the need to make a display case large enough to hold your product but it’s hard to look over when you’re short. It feels a little awkward looking through the glass at the person behind it. A step stool or wooden box to stand on would be nice.


Nancy wasn’t the neatest narwal in the world as you can see by the postcard. Her horn was covered by an ice cream cone and her entire head was covered in melted ice cream. Mr. C. Cow wanted to know if he could help by licking her but I said it wasn’t a polite thing to do. Personal boundaries and all. I asked Nancy if she needed a napkin but she politely declined. Some people just enjoy wearing their ice cream I guess.


The cafe itself was pretty peaceful. There were many pillows on the floor so Mr. C. Cow built a pillow fort to eat his snack. The fort itself wasn’t big enough so his butt was sticking out of the back. It was, however, big enough to put all of the food he ordered. I don’t know how someone can eat so much watermelon ice cream cake and not regret it later. Maybe it’s all of the stomaches he has?

After some tea and a few mini cakes we bid a fond farewell to Nancy. I hope that, be it fashion or mess, that the ice cream accessory she is wearing doesn’t attract flies.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Usagi Cafe (G)


Swab The Deck

Today Mr. C. Cow and I saw an amazing looking museum while driving through a big city today. Outside we could see a GIGANTIC SHIP connected to the museum. There was much hoof pointing and mooing at the ship that we had to stop. I like museums and Mr. C. Cow has never been on such a big boat before.

USS Wisconsin2

We learned that the ship was named the USS Wisconsin and the building next to it was a huge museum full of educational fun. While Mr. C. Cow pretended to be a captain by playing with the replica controls I learned a lot about the battleship. It’s a Iowa class battleship that is 887 feet 3 inches long. That’s a mighty big ship! The Wisconsin earned five battle stars in WWII, and one for the Korean War. It also earned a Navy Unit Commendation for its service during the first Gulf War. Knowing the history before boarding made the experience more exciting.

After pulling Mr. C. Cow away from trying to pet every horseshoe crab in their ocean exhibit it was our turn to wander around the battleship. I’m a little scared of heights so Mr. C. Cow held my hand when we crossed the bridge onto the ship. He made me stand by these ginormous guns while he took a picture. Glad I wore my sunglasses that day because, boy, it sure was sunny out!

USS Wisconsin1

If you’re ever in Norfolk, Virginia I recommend you check out Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin. It’s worth a stop!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Check out museum website Nauticus which is a museum that also features tours of the USS Wisconsin

Wiki Page On The USS Wisconsin 

We would like to thank those past and present who have made it their lives to protect ours. Thank you to all of you!