Emergency Banana

Mr. C. Cow and I have a friend named Terry. He’s a professional body building Triceratops. Terry likes to work on his triceps so I guess he’s more of a triceps-atops. Great guy though a little prone to constantly wanting to impress you with his bench pressing skills. Mr. C. Cow can run the mile like he was some sort of sonic super bovine. I can stare at a chin up bar and try to will myself tall enough to reach it.

We visited with Terry for a while he was training for a triathlon. When we were about to leave we asked him about an abandoned medical facility on the other side of town. People seemed to have this thing about exploring abandoned places and taking pictures. Mr. C. Cow and I thought it would be kinda neat to do the same. Terry was ADAMANT that we not go to that area of town. He said weird things had happened at the facility when it was open. Between the crime in the area as well as rumors of experiments lurking around it was fenced off to protect the general public.

Poo Poo to rumors and what not!


We REALLY should have listened to Terry. Five minutes into checking the place out we were accosted by a dinosaur who tried to hold us up at claw point for my purse. Lucky for us I don’t carry a purse. The crazed dino thief was at a loss as to what to do next since I don’t carry a purse. In a moment of sheer panic I threw a banana I had with me at him thinking it would help. Dino thief took the banana and ran off. As he ran off a very large dinosaur came out of nowhere and stole the banana. Dino thief jumped the large dinosaur and started chewing on his back-end. One of the thieves friends came out of nowhere and joined in on the fight. Mr. C. Cow started humming a song from “West Side Story”. I thought it was a better idea if we left. Don’t want to lose one of my weeny otter arms by getting in the middle of a banana fight.

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There is a moral to the story in this somewhere. I’m thinking it’s to always listen to your body building friend when he warns you to not go someplace. Mr. C. Cow thinks we were taught to always carry a banana around in case of emergency.


“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Nargus Lab (M)

I Wanna Go Home



We’ve been on the road for a very long time. Mr. C. Cow missed talking to his friends that lived in our neighborhood. I really wanted to go dust our house because, after this long being gone, I assumed that everything was super dusty.

Right now, when not on the road, we just called a small place in the middle of the country our home base. No real point in having some HUGE home when you’re never in it. Also….Mr. C. Cow likes to track mud into the house. A smaller house is a little easier to mop up mud hoof prints.

Mr. C. Cow was ECSTATIC to see many of his neighborhood friends while we were home. Bess the stock trading cow. Frank the lumber jack-rabbit. The sheep twins. They threw a party in the yard full of wine, food, and dancing. I’m glad he got to see his close friends. I’m not glad that they left empty wine bottles in the yard.

It was nice to be able to see the things you’ve collected throughout your life that fill a home. The baby pictures of Mr. C. Cow. The vegan chicken nugget collection we got at a veggie meat museum. It’s also a good idea to check your mail because, even on the road, you still gotta pay the bills.

Stupid bills!

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After a few days of being home we started to get the itch to get back on the road. It started out more like a nagging twitch followed by an annoying scratch. Before it became a full-blown rash we knew it was time to head back out.

We did realize something while taking a few days to go home. No matter where you are or how far away from your home base you are you are never far from home when you travel with someone you love.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Our location is actually my personal home base in Second Life. If you’re wondering how Mr. C. Cow and I pay the bills we’ll talk about that in the future!

Rum Bucket

We stopped at a sea port the other day to do a bit of camper supplies refueling. Mr. C. Cow put on a pirate hat and a patch to try to fit in with the locals. I, personally, think that the fake parrot on his shoulder was going a bit overboard. He explained to me that, in these types of places, one must look the part. For some strange reason he felt that the shopping was best left to him. Mr. C kept mumble-mooing about “lingo”, “barter”, and “danger”. He is the most caring friend in the world and I trust him to not only keep me safe but re-supply the camper. It doesn’t hurt that he is did take swashbuckling classes in college.


I decided that I would trust Mr. C. Cow. I didn’t exactly fit in with my outfit and I didn’t really feel like changing. A fake neon boa, 3 foot high (and perfectly sculpted I must say) beehive, and sunglasses the size of a bowling ball don’t make one look very sea harbor shanty town ahoy. Perfectly content I sat in the camper reading the latest “Martini Times” magazine. Even had the time to make and eat a cheese and cracker plate without anyone chewing up all of my crackers!

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Three hours later Mr. C. Cow came back with what could possibly be the best and worst items to ever be called camper supplies.

Gigantic Bucket Of Rum: GOOD!
Magic 8 Ball That Only Answers With An “Arrrr”: BAD!
Comfy Blanket: GOOD!
Toilet Paper Made Of Poky Wood Shavings: BAD!

I’m still trying to figure out how Mr. C. Cow felt that toilet paper made out of wood shavings was a positive purchase. He informed me that, when bartering with pirates, you sometimes have to make concessions. That kinda sounds like some sort of life advice. I’m, at least, grateful for a comfy blanket and a bucket of rum.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Hedeby (M)

Could Have Danced All Night

I never went to my prom so dreaming about going to one was kinda strange. I’m not exactly sure what one does at a prom except for maybe dance while wearing a fancy dress with your best beehive on. Do you have to have a date? Do they all have weird themes like “Under The Sea” or “Cupcake Decoration Blowout”? Do you have to wear shoes?

Outer Garden3

The other night I had a dream that I was panicking because I couldn’t find the proper dress and beehive to wear to my prom. I kept running around my dream room trying to figure out where all of the dresses were. When I would find one it would be some sort of hideous color or look like something a mermaid would wear. When I finally found something my dream mind told me was a good pick (It was white with a giant white beehive covered in pink flowers) I started worrying that my date wouldn’t make it off of work on time.

My date ended up being a reindeer who worked in a bakery. I don’t even know a reindeer that works at a bakery! I do know one that works at the dmv but that’s besides the point. He kept trying to serve me desserts and wouldn’t leave until I had some tea. After a long dream period of arguing I finally caved in and had tea.

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Suddenly I found myself walking down a path towards this strange prom. The faster I would walk the slower I seemed to go. My date was nowhere to be found as well! (I am assuming he is still at work). When I finally got to the door to get to the prom I couldn’t seem to make it up the stairs. I sat down and started to cry. My tears hit my white dress and turned it a shade of blue. I started to hear faint mooing in the background that seemed to get louder and louder.

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Then…I woke up!!

The mooing was coming from Mr. C. Cow. I guess I was crying in my sleep so he came over to make sure I was ok. I told him about my strange dream and he promised to not force me to drink tea if I didn’t want any. I wonder what my dreams mean.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: The Outer Garden (M)


My best friend, Pieni, needed a ride to the airport and we were lucky to be in her neck of the woods. It’s good to have a bestest friend that doesn’t mind having to give up the shotgun seat to a cow. (Tip: Cows don’t like giving up their seat). She’s the greatest! She has the nickname “Cakefox” and I have heard rumblings that she likes to steal cakes from individuals. I would like to state that I have NEVER seen her steal any cakes. She’s really good at sniffing out the free cakes but she is no thief. She “iz a lady”.

When we came to pick her up she had, possibly, the GREATEST outfit to ever wear on an airplane. I knew she was going on a trip to the beach but I have never seen anyone so excited. This could be the first time anyone has worn swimmies on an airplane. I am guessing that she was not only ready for the beach but also prepared just in case of a water landing. Safety first I always say!


There are friends you love to hang out with. Then you have the friends you might help move a couch. A friendship that involves taking someone to an airport could be, in my opinion, the best friendship one would ever have. A good example of how one must be in the ultimate friendship zone to take someone to the airport is parking. It’s impossible to park a camper in a parking garage. We know this because Mr. C. Cow once tried to park the camper in a garage compact car space. One “Low clearance” sign, a rear view mirror, and a cows pride were lost that day.

It took us a while to find a parking space but the air gods of travel were on our side when we found a place specifically for campers. It did take us a long while to do so I ran into the airport while Pie got her luggage. There are so many different lines I was confused as to where to stand. I stood in a line that ended up being for coffee. Another line was for the bathroom. I finally found the correct line and held a place for Pie until she could run (Or I should say swim fin waddle) in to take her place.


While Pie was waiting to do the things one does at an airport besides get lost I realized that I hadn’t seen Mr. C. Cow for at least 10 minutes. After searching around I found him riding around with some luggage.

“No! Mr. C. Cow! That is not a merry-go-round!” I yelled as I ran at full otter speed towards him.

Security wasn’t too happy and neither were the people who needed to get their items. I apologized profusely to everyone and quickly ushered him off to get another coffee. Decaf this time.

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Finally, after much decaf coffee and a cake or three for Pie they called for her plane to be boarded. We hugged (being careful not to pop her swim ring) and promised to see each other more often. I can’t wait to see what kinda of postcard she sends us on her vacation!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: East River Intercontinental Airport (M)

I would like to thank Pieni for helping us out with todays postcard! You can find her at:

Cake Fox in Second Life.

Galleria Kakku (Art Rocks!)

Heimo SL Blog

Rainbow Tinies On Facebook

She is one busy fox! I’m glad she got to go on vacation.

Check Engine Light

This evening I taught Mr. C. Cow a little bit about auto maintenance when we stopped for Dinner. I had to explain that a jack is not used to lift various things like a picnic table or a box of crackers. Unless the crackers have a flat tire.

Chez Duan1

Here are a few phrases I never thought I would ever say but did while explaining all of this to Mr. C. Cow:

“Don’t put that that in your mouth! It’s covered in motor oil!”

“No. Cows do not have to change their personal spark plugs. Cows DO NOT HAVE spark plugs!”

“I don’t think that a cow has ACTUALLY jumped over the moon. What does this have to do with auto care?”

“We DO NOT test if the engine is cool with our tongue!”

I don’t EVEN want to get into the whole “dip stick” conversation. I love Mr. C. Cow but sometimes he can be trying.

Garage Chez Duane 2

Your Friend,
“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Garage “Chez Duan” (M)

Cow Soup


Today we stopped off at a grocery store to stock up on camper supplies. Mr. C. Cow was running low on soup and I was in need of dish soap. It’s weird trying to walk into a grocery store together. No one seems to notice an otter in a beehive but they sure do notice a cow. To combat the stares we usually put Mr. C. Cow in a large floppy hat. I guess that a cow in a hat isn’t as weird as just a plain old cow. We do have issues with pushing the cart because I can’t reach it with my stubby limbs. My lil cow doesn’t mind doing the pushing and even helps me reach things high up on a shelf.


I have to say that I’m grateful for self check out lines because having to stand on a cow to pay is kinda embarrassing in front of a cashier. I’m really glad we only have to shop every so often. If I had to do this every week it would drive me bonkers.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: A&A Fresh Market (M)