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Pickle Crouton


Stopped to get a bite to eat today. I know that we have a kitchen in the camper but it’s nice to sometimes get out, stretch your legs, and not have to cook for yourself.

I found this fast food joint in the middle of some strange land that had talking mice. There were even elephants that knew how to fly. How totally weird is that? I did have a conversation with the flying elephant. He kept holding onto a feather with his trunk like his life depended on it. I think I’ll just keep talking to those mice. They seem to have a thing for beads.

Mr. C. Cow found the flying elephant amusing. He felt it was his duty to pick on them by trying to hide the “magic feather”. I had to reprimand our little cow friend and remind him it wasn’t nice to pick on unstable and slightly “crazy” elephants that can squish you.

I am a little disappointed that the fast food joints menu had no vegetarian options. Trying to stay semi-healthy I had a fried pickle and a salad. They put the pickle right on top of my salad so I decided that it was a crouton. When you’re traveling it’s ok to sometimes pretend that a fried pickle is a crouton. It’s the law.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Magicland (G)



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