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Frown Upside Down

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The weather started to get a little rough and our camper kept swaying back and forth in the winds. Rather than blowing over we decided to stop for a drink and maybe catch a movie. One can only listen to the exciting farm tales of a cow one hundred times before you need a break. I don’t think I can listen to the story about “Fran the goat” one more time.

I was a little worried that we had made a mistake in stopping at a place that didn’t scream “classy cocktail bar. I’m assuming that they don’t even wash their glasses. To my not-so-surprise they only served warm beer and frowns. I tried smiling a few times at the bar patrons but they looked like they would rather eat me then smile back. I smiled so much that my face hurt as I slowly backed out the front door.

The movie theater wasn’t any better. We tried to see something that sounded like a spy movie but it wasn’t. I kept having to cover Mr. C. Cow’s eyes throughout the whole thing! I always thought the title was about someone passing undercover secrets. Boy…was I wrong!

Rather then go back to the bar of a million frowns we waited the weather out in the back of the camper. As we were pulling out I thought I saw something crawl across the road behind us. It was almost as if it was a… was probably just my imagination.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Innsmouth (M)


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