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I’ve Just Come To Read The Meter

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Stopped in a lovely little town for lunch today. Even though it was lunchtime the place was empty so it was easy to find seating that would fit both an otter and a cow. The staff was friendly but a little on the quiet side. We were able to get nice salads and we happy that we didn’t need to use condiments as they looked like they hadn’t been changed out since 1971. I pointed this out to the staff but they didn’t answer us. Nonetheless we had a lovely time and left a large tip.

Before heading back on the road we decided to walk over to the local thrift store. I was worried about getting my otter feet dirty as there was quite a bit of garbage laying around. Mr. C. Cow was more then happy to let me ride on his back so no harm no foul. I’m just assuming that there must have been a garbage pick up strike in progress. Or maybe a dog had chewed into one of the local businesses garbages and spread it around the sidewalks and street. I do hope someone comes by and cleans it up soon.

I wasn’t able to find anything I really liked in the thrift store but Mr. C. Cow found some sort of Droog outfit complete with a cane. If you can viddy a cow trying on a false eyelash and some sort of white shirt then you know what a sight it is! We didn’t end up getting it as they don’t come in cow sizes.

Overall it was a very pleasant afternoon. I hope that we’ll cross paths with this quaint little town again. I hope that, the next time we visit, the garbage strike or whatever it is will be over.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Missing Mile (M) 


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