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Mystery Bucket

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Ran into a bit of a flat tire trouble today. I tried to explain to Mr. C. Cow that driving over a road strictly built out of broken glass wasn’t a good idea. He thought we would be fine and I actually thought it was really weird that someone would actually build a road just out of broken glass. Some people are just weird like that.

We were lucky enough to find Biff’s Tire Fixing Emporium. Biff was really nice and charged us next to nothing to fix our flat tire BUT he kept wanting to flex his muscles and show us his “sweet ride”. Mr. C was interested in watching the gun show but I was more in the “meh” zone. You’ve seen one gun show you’ve seen them all.

While waiting for the tire to be fixed I happened upon a raccoon with his head in a bucket just drinking away. Usually I would chalk it up to a bucket o’ beer Tuesday special but I’ve never really seen one at a gas station. When I asked him about his day he just wanted to scream “Eeeee Eeee Errrrr Cheep Cheep Errr” at me. I decided to leave the raccoon to his mystery bucket and sit quietly on a tire while I waited.

Lesson learned? Never let a cow tell you that it’s perfectly safe to drive down a road made out of jagged glass.

“Tipsy Cerulean”

Location: Nifty 50’s Seaside Town (M)


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