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Fortune Cookie

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Today Mr. C. Cow heard the alluring sounds of carnival music. What I have learned from spending so much time in a camper with a cow is that they cannot resist funnel cakes, the opportunity to ride in little mechanical vehicles, and circus music. When he gave me those giant “Why you gonna pass this place by?” eyes we had to stop the camper. Who am I to deny a cow the right to get his mechanical space rocket on?

I was a tad bit leary about the place we stopped. The ticket guy seemed to have some sort of red paint all over his face. I completely disapprove of bad hygiene and would expect someone in the customer service arts to at least wash their face before coming to work.

A strange little man named Zoltar kept screaming at us to come over to him, pay him money, and get our fortunes read. He was very hard to ignore as he kept telling us to pay him and know the future. I asked him if it was ok to take a picture to send to my friends back home but he kept telling me his name was Zoltar and he could tell my future. I never did pay that weird little man behind the glass because he was kinda creepy. Who decides that it is a good career move to sit in a machine and beg people to pay him to see the future? If I want to know my future then I am just going to keep reading fortune cookies thank you very much!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Carnival Of Chaos! (M)


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