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Ten Percent

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I don’t think that campers were meant to climb steep hills. I’m always afraid we’re either going to start rolling backwards or flip over.  Mr. C. Cow recommended that we put “spider tires” on the camper. I had to ask what they were and he explained that they have a sticky grip that allows you to combat the grade and even drive up a wall. According to the lil cow they are endorsed by a super hero.  I don’t have the heart to tell him they don’t exist.

The safety sign next to the road didn’t fill me with confidence. Why does it look like someone drove a GIANT PENCIL through the cars windshield? Why is that car driving over a triangle? Am I in danger of oversized writing utensils hitting my camper? Will I be impaled if I try to drive over a triangle? Will a super hero come and save me only to throw me off the edge of a cliff because I didn’t believe in “spider tires”?

I sure hope we live to send everyone another postcard!!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Magellans Pass (M) 


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