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Milkcow Blues Boogie

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Well I woke up this morning and looked through the door. I saw Mr. C. Cow asleep on the floor.

Greetings postcard buddies! Nothing gets you ready to rock more then a giant statue of “The King” next to a pink car.  Today we decided to hit up a museum dedicated to music. At first I was a little worried about going into a museum that had guitars floating on top of water. That seems a little electrical shock/death/danger to me. I guess that’s just how you’re suppose to “rock”.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I finally turned around from staring at those guitars and saw what Mr. C. Cow decided was proper “rock” attire. He had put on a long wig, a headband, fringe boots, and some sort of sequin sparkle vest thing. Mr. C. didn’t seem to notice my laughter as he added a giant pair of sunglasses to his ensemble. When one is in the “rock zone” it seems that you’re too cool to notice ones laughter.

The museum did make me feel a tad bit more educated on how to make my life a little less square. I can now successfully air guitar, rock scream, and hold a lighter in the air without burning myself. If Mr. C. Cow lets me borrow his sunglasses then maybe I have a chance at being cool.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: SL Rock N Roll Musuem (M)


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