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Friends Of Friends Of Friends

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Stopped at a carry out today to pick up some extra toilet paper and gum balls for Mr. C. Cow. Gum balls help to prevent him from chewing on door knobs. The extra toilet paper is because my lil cow thought it would be humorous to pretend to be a mummy. We now know that it takes a twenty-four pack of toilet paper to cover an entire cow.

We got the gum balls for Mr. C. Cow and I managed to find an apple amongst the candy bars and dried meat sticks wrapped in plastic. The lil cow wanted a dried meat stick but I had to explain to him what was in them. I think he might have to sleep with a little farm animal night light for a while after that traumatizing experience.

Friends don’t let friends eat dried meat sticks that could possibly contain other friends.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Marina Gas And Bait (M)




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