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Lost And Found

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The other day Mr. C. Cow and I stopped off at a swimming pool for a quick dip. The temperatures were soaring and our camper was starting to smell like a barn. One cannot drive in a camper that smells like all of the farm animals decided to start a sweat lodge in the back.

While Mr. C. Cow was floating around and I was partaking in a complimentary blender beverages we noticed a GIGANTIC flip flop floating around the pool. This got us wondering. What sort of large footed creature lost their flip flop? Did they not realize they had a naked foot on their way home? How much material was needed to make such a monstrous shoe? If you put a sail on this flip flop could you sail the seven seas in it? So many questions yet so few answers.


I notice a pile of complimentary towels next to the pool and thought it was wonderful that they had thought of this. I forgot my towel in the camper and it was great to not have to squish squash walk back to get it. I couldn’t stop giggling at Mr. C. Cow when he mentioned that the complimentary towels would not fit an individual with that large of a foot. I started picturing some poor soul toweling off with something the size of a wet nap. I’m bad!

We’re grateful for the opportunity to have a wonderful place to stop and cool off. I’m grateful with alcoholic drinks in a blender. Mr. C. Cow is grateful to get out of a hot camper and into a pool. We’re both hopeful that the lost flip flop finds it’s owner.

Tipsy Cerulean

Location: The New Mieville Tinyopolis and Black Magnolia Imports (M) 


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