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Imminent Heath Hazard

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We stopped in the middle of nowhere for dinner last night. If we would have had a different food choice we might have turned around as soon as we saw the parking lot. There were people that looked dead drunk just laying around all willy nilly. Not only were they just blocking the parking lot they were laying all over the cars too. I don’t know why no one bothered to call the law as this was an extremely rude thing for them to do! There also seemed to be a deer by the front door that might have had some sort of rabies or skin fall off disease. Someone needs to call the law and a vet!

As soon as we stepped in it was obvious to us that someone was not following legal food regulations. If they even had a permit to serve food I would be amazed! There was some sort of meat on the floor behind the counter. The sink looked like something wasn’t allowing it to drain. There was no hand washing signs and we highly doubted that anyone had used any sort of sanitizer on anything. Mr C. Cow is never one to pass up a meal but even he didn’t want to try anything that could possibly have some sort of cross contamination going on. If that wasn’t the worst there was actually a guy sleeping on the counter. On the counter! What kind of establishment lets someone sleep on the counter?

To make things worse there was no staff in the restaurant. No cooks. No waitresses. Not even a bus boy attempting to clean up stacks of dirty dishes. We were starting to suspect that those people that were laying around the parking lot were the staff. Mr. C. Cow pulled out his little notepad and made note of the lack of staff as well as the potential food hazards just waiting to happen around the diner. I think someone is going to get a strongly worded letter about the state of this place.

I think we’ll pass on even a glass of water and eat a box of crackers in the camper till we find another place to stop. One can’t be too careful!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Olivia’s Creepy Diner (M)


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