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Glass Houses


I can’t help but feel a little weird when I go to a zoo. It’s like all of the animals have been thrown in prison for various crimes. I once knew a crocodile who did thirty days in the joint for nipping at a poodle. While I don’t condone the use of violence the poodle was egging the crock on. One should never say “Your mother was an alligator!” to a crocodile. It’s just bad manners and a death wish to mock someone with such large, sharp teeth.

I know this isn’t true as most animals I know that are in a zoo are there as a job. They get a place to live, free health and dental, and free food in exchange for educating the public about the wild kingdom. My cousin has a cushy job at a zoo that gives him all of the seafood he can stuff into his face. Mr. C. Cow has a lizard friend named Robin who is able to take care of her seven children successfully just for sticking onto the glass window of her home for a few hours. Not a bad gig if you’re into that sort of work.

They do seem to have great food for the public. When we visit my cousin I do like to stop off at the diner they have on the property. They have a really good caesar salad with homemade croutons that I can’t get enough of. Mr. C. Cow can’t seem to get enough of their corn chowder. I wonder if they use the same caterer for the animal staff that they do when they feed the general public.

We’ve been asked a few times if we would like a job at the zoo but I can’t see myself doing it. All of those people staring at me constantly. Having to abide by a no clothing dress code seems a little demeaning and not having my beehive just doesn’t seem right. I think I’ll keep traveling and leave the zoo thing to the professionals.

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“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Oasis Zoo (M)


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