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Blush And Bashful

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We decided to take a break from sleeping in the camper and check out a motel for the night. There are two very valid reasons to spend the money although we already have a place to sleep. Mr. C. Cow wanted to stay in a bed that wasn’t in a moving vehicle and I wanted to air the camper out do to SOMEONE (I’m not saying who) eating chili before we drove down a windy mountain road. I’m going to find a detailer to clean out the inside and ban the eating of chili while the vehicle is moving. It’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to hang up a dry erase board with rules on it.

#143 – No eating chili while the camper is moving.

We found a motel that was inexpensive and had a pool that a cow could float around in. I thought the place went a little overboard with the pink decor but Mr. C. Cow thought it was “quaint”. At least the place was clean.

The pink decor didn’t stop on the outside but spilled into the rooms itself. Pink flamingo decor. Pink walls. Even the maids cart was pink. When this place decided to go with the whole pink motif they really stuck with it! I was kinda amazed that the pool wasn’t pink but then again it’s probably for the best. Watching a cow float around in a pink pool on a pink inner tube would look more like he was some sort of garnish in a giant cocktail.

When I was paying and Mr. C. Cow was smelling the campers fresh new camper smell I browsed through their items for sale. I picked up a pink postcard and a pair of pink sunglasses. Sometimes the world needs to be looked at through pink glasses. Just don’t put them on and try to drink pool water.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Flamingo Court Motel (M) 


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