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Mermaid Something Or Other

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Today we wandered into a small seaside town that looked like it stepped straight out of someones costal town fantasy. Quaint houses along the water and small little shops that you would think would only come out of some perfect New England imagination. They even had a guy selling fish out of a little stall. He kept telling Mr. C. Cow about the “biggest fish seen around these parts” and something about a mermaid with large “something or others.”. I didn’t even let the old fish seller finish his mermaid tale because I was ushering Mr. C. Cow away from the stall. He enjoyed the old mans stories but I thought that part of it seemed a bit too fishy to be real.

We stopped in at a bakery across the street from Mr. Tall Tale Fish Man and had some coffee and a pastry before moving on. The guy just kept staring at us from his fish stall through the bakery window. Take a sip of coffee and turn to see him looking at you. Take a bite of a pastry and turn to see him still peeking at you from a distance at his stall. Mr. C. Cow didn’t seem to care but I was mighty freaked out. I think the man might have had a wee bit too much mead from the local pub where the people were probably also tired of listening to his sea stories. I guess an idealistic perfect costal town wouldn’t be complete without some crazy old fisherman with this exaggerations and fishy smell.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Breakers New England Community (M)


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