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We hope that everyone in the U.S. (And, of course, everyone else!) had a wonderful 4th of July! 


We had a lot of fun this year. I surprised Mr. C. Cow by taking him to see an electric lights parade and fireworks show. While collecting postcards to send to all of you I was lucky I noticed the lil’ cow trying to sneak past the ropes and dance on top of one of the parade floats. I told him it wasn’t allowed and this made him really sad. I cheered him up with an ice cream cone and a promise to find out how one becomes a part of the parade arts.

I wonder if he needs to go to school for that.

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The fireworks and parade were the perfect way to spend our 4th Of July evening. Wish you all could have been with us!

Tipsy Cerulean

Location: SMK – Sarah’s Magic Kingdom (M)


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