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Blockin’ Out The Scenery

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When out and about in this world it is always important to pay attention to safety signs. One might tell you to watch your step while another one might tell you that using your tongue to gage the potency of a battery is bad.

No matter where we go there are signs everywhere. Mr. C. Cow and I were at a pond the other day talking to a goose and there was a sign warning us of giant lizard like creatures that could eat us. The goose just laughed at the sign and said that in all her years she had never seen anything stomp around the pond or eat an airplane. There was a frightening looking set of bones next to the sign but we think they might be fake. I don’t think that any creature in this world have bones made out of plastic.

We did happen upon one sign in particular that informed us of the dangers of falling rocks. As the rocks started to fall we felt they looked more like the largest, most delicious potatoes to ever try to kill someone from the side of a mountain. If you were to try to peel those babies it would have to be the largest and most comical peeler to ever grace the world. If you took one super potato and mashed it you could probably feed everyone in the state of Pennsylvania. If you made fries from them there would be a ketchup shortage.

Now I really want giant french fries. Hope we see a sign for those.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Crater Lake (M)


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