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Take The A Train


Mr. C. Cow and I got up early today to catch a scenic train ride. I would call it more of a trolley ride as the train didn’t look like one to me. When I think of a train I usually picture a large engine with a bunch of cars stuck to it. Something from the Santa Fe Silver Bullet Union Chattanooga Choo Choo class. Sometimes they might even have a caboose at the end. Mr. C. Cow loves the word “Caboose” but has a hard time pronouncing it. Usually it comes out sounding like “CaMoooooose”.

We had decided to take a round trip trolley/train ride because Mr. C. Cow wanted to cross this vast bridge we saw in the distance. It wasn’t a bridge for campers and I tried explaining this to him.

“It’s a train bridge Mr. C.”

“But Moooo…..”

“I’m sorry but you can’t take a camper on a train bridge. It’s dangerous!”


“We’re on a bridge over the water right now for campers. Why do you want to go over a different bridge over the exact same water?”

You get the picture of how this conversation went and can probably guess that all the questioning led us to waiting for a trolley/train early in the morning. I’m pretty cool with it because I don’t have to drive.

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If you’ve never been on a train ride before then I highly recommend it. There is something relaxing about watching the scenery go by out a train car window. Or in our case a trolley car. I’m still confused about the whole trolley yet it’s a train thing. Maybe the train called in sick and the trolley was just filling in for him. Maybe the train got into an argument with management and was let go from his job. The only replacement they could find on such short notice was a trolley.

One Man’s Train Is Another Otters Trolley. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean


SLRR In Mocha (G) – Starting Point

GSLR Purple Right Of Way (M) – Ending Point


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