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Could Have Danced All Night

I never went to my prom so dreaming about going to one was kinda strange. I’m not exactly sure what one does at a prom except for maybe dance while wearing a fancy dress with your best beehive on. Do you have to have a date? Do they all have weird themes like “Under The Sea” or “Cupcake Decoration Blowout”? Do you have to wear shoes?

Outer Garden3

The other night I had a dream that I was panicking because I couldn’t find the proper dress and beehive to wear to my prom. I kept running around my dream room trying to figure out where all of the dresses were. When I would find one it would be some sort of hideous color or look like something a mermaid would wear. When I finally found something my dream mind told me was a good pick (It was white with a giant white beehive covered in pink flowers) I started worrying that my date wouldn’t make it off of work on time.

My date ended up being a reindeer who worked in a bakery. I don’t even know a reindeer that works at a bakery! I do know one that works at the dmv but that’s besides the point. He kept trying to serve me desserts and wouldn’t leave until I had some tea. After a long dream period of arguing I finally caved in and had tea.

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Suddenly I found myself walking down a path towards this strange prom. The faster I would walk the slower I seemed to go. My date was nowhere to be found as well! (I am assuming he is still at work). When I finally got to the door to get to the prom I couldn’t seem to make it up the stairs. I sat down and started to cry. My tears hit my white dress and turned it a shade of blue. I started to hear faint mooing in the background that seemed to get louder and louder.

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Then…I woke up!!

The mooing was coming from Mr. C. Cow. I guess I was crying in my sleep so he came over to make sure I was ok. I told him about my strange dream and he promised to not force me to drink tea if I didn’t want any. I wonder what my dreams mean.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: The Outer Garden (M)


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