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Emergency Banana

Mr. C. Cow and I have a friend named Terry. He’s a professional body building Triceratops. Terry likes to work on his triceps so I guess he’s more of a triceps-atops. Great guy though a little prone to constantly wanting to impress you with his bench pressing skills. Mr. C. Cow can run the mile like he was some sort of sonic super bovine. I can stare at a chin up bar and try to will myself tall enough to reach it.

We visited with Terry for a while he was training for a triathlon. When we were about to leave we asked him about an abandoned medical facility on the other side of town. People seemed to have this thing about exploring abandoned places and taking pictures. Mr. C. Cow and I thought it would be kinda neat to do the same. Terry was ADAMANT that we not go to that area of town. He said weird things had happened at the facility when it was open. Between the crime in the area as well as rumors of experiments lurking around it was fenced off to protect the general public.

Poo Poo to rumors and what not!


We REALLY should have listened to Terry. Five minutes into checking the place out we were accosted by a dinosaur who tried to hold us up at claw point for my purse. Lucky for us I don’t carry a purse. The crazed dino thief was at a loss as to what to do next since I don’t carry a purse. In a moment of sheer panic I threw a banana I had with me at him thinking it would help. Dino thief took the banana and ran off. As he ran off a very large dinosaur came out of nowhere and stole the banana. Dino thief jumped the large dinosaur and started chewing on his back-end. One of the thieves friends came out of nowhere and joined in on the fight. Mr. C. Cow started humming a song from “West Side Story”. I thought it was a better idea if we left. Don’t want to lose one of my weeny otter arms by getting in the middle of a banana fight.

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There is a moral to the story in this somewhere. I’m thinking it’s to always listen to your body building friend when he warns you to not go someplace. Mr. C. Cow thinks we were taught to always carry a banana around in case of emergency.


“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Nargus Lab (M)


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