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Dairy Angels Watching

A Poem By Mr. C. Cow


Riding high above the town.

Cow in the clouds looking down.

Like an dairy angel watching over the herd.

Moving box on wheels higher then a bird.

A curve makes you disappear from view.

Miles make you a memory new.

I wonder as I look around.

What wonders there I may have found.

If I had stopped and got to know you.

A friend I would have to share your view.

Postcard Posted For Mr. C. Cow By Tipsy

Yes….I totally clapped for him getting all poetic! Not too bad for a cows first try! Awww! Baby cows first poem! 

*Gets all teary eyed*

Location: Risian Flux (M)


Big Cheese of Kinkhead Creations. Writer/Designer/All Around Awesome. An "Artist".

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