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Ichabod Otter

I’m trying to figure out a few things today as I write this postcard to you. How does one exactly ride a horse without a head? I mean…you kinda need your head for various things. Brain container. Holder of the eyeballs. The place where your nose goes. Your head is a very important thing.

We were taking a scenic drive through a rural area to check out covered bridges and old barns. Mr. C. Cow has a thing for antique barns. While checking out one particular barn we ran into a gentleman on horseback that didn’t seem to have a head. He waved some sort of sword around and held a lit up pumpkin in his other hand. It was all sorts of dramatic. Then he, safely, rode his horse out.


I think that it has to take one of great skill to ride a horse safely out of a barn when you can’t see. Mr. C. Cow would also like to know what kind of contacts the horse had because, as you can see, the eyes were glowing red. I think Mr. C. Cow is considering a CowPire costume for Halloween this year and the glowing red eyes would be a nice touch. Finding cow vampire fangs is a whole different thing.

As we continued on we, once again, found Mr. Headless Horse Rider doing laps around the covered bridge we wanted to cross. I mean…seriously…how can he see where he is going? Is he pulling his shirt up above his head and peeking through the button holes of his shirt?Is it actually just a guy on the sidelines with a remote control and a headless robot? How can you breath?  I think, personally, that it’s kinda rude to do laps around a bridge that people are trying to cross. Not to mention dangerous with the limited vision and water below aspect.


Besides the weird horse rider we had a splendid time checking out various covered bridges and antique barns. We even saw a tree that looked like some sort of glowing face.


I hope that the guy on the horse was practicing some sort of act for a show because, if he was doing it on his own, he was just weird.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Sleepy Hallow Halloween Village & Adams Family Mansion (M) – (There is a haunted area of the place that does have an Adult rating. The areas we were in are not adult rated.) 



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