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Butterscotch Cures All

Mr. C. Cow got a paper cut on his tongue today. He is an avid “Letter To The Editor” writer kinda cow and likes to mail a lot of letters out. I keep trying to tell him to just use email but he likes the idea of someone having to take his message to the receiver. Do to the massive amount of letters he was sending today his tongue got a tiny little cut on it from all of the envelope licking. It bled for, about, three seconds then stopped. Instead of doing the normal thing he started to panic.

Mooo My God! I’m bleeding! Call the national guard! Call emergency services! Call my lawyer!

Ok. He didn’t really say any of that but he was pretty dramatic about the whole thing. To appease him we stopped in the nearest town to find a drug store that sold something that would make his tongue feel better. (I told him that lollipops would make him feel better.) Mr. C. Cow felt that a professional doctor in a hospital would be more appropriate to administer the proper lollipop dose.

Oh Boy!

The town we ended up stopping at didn’t seem like a very good place to find sound medical advice or a lollipop. I voted that we keep on moving and he just take a butterscotch candy and rest. OH NO! He was determined to seek medical attention. That’s when we ran into this place…..


I’m not joking when I tell you that I REALLY didn’t want to enter this joint. It looked like no one had bothered to mow the lawn in centuries and, seriously, I was afraid that all of the crows were going to poop on the camper. Nothing against crows…I just don’t want to deal with their shenanigans.

After wandering around in a place that probably was not a legit hospital (I mean….there was a lot of dust!) we finally found a doctor that looked like he was operating a little bit on the shady/crazy/no medical license/insane side.


The doctor “examined him” then declared that the best course of action was a complete tongue replacement. I quickly vetoed this idea. I mean…look at the guy he was working on!!!! I don’t thing he had very good insurance as I don’t think he was getting the exact treatment he was looking for. To the protests of Mr. C. Cow I quickly dragged him outside where we ran into this unusual gentleman.


I jumped back, not out of fear, but because he surprised me out of nowhere. Mr. C. Cow wasn’t scared and started in on this story about how he got a paper cut on his tongue and was afraid that he was either going to have to replace it or stop writing letters to editors. I started to explain to Mr. C. that a butterscotch candy would work just find in place of a medical doctor. The nice stranger winked at me and agreed. Pleased that we had found a “second opinion” Mr. C. Cow agreed to get back in the camper, take the butterscotch candy, and let us get the heck out of this creepy town.

I love Mr. C. Cow more then a martini on a jazzy kinda day but sometimes he’s a tad bit stubborn. Especially when it comes to paper cuts.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Halloween Storm (M)

Be sure to check this Second Life location out before Halloween is over. 


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