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Flavors Of Autumn

Mr. C. Cow doesn’t understand the whole concept of “Pumpkin Spice Latte”. It’s not that he doesn’t understand why people drink it. It’s pumpkin and he likes pumpkin. What he doesn’t understand is how people seem to forget all of the other “flavors of autumn”. Cranberry. Apple. Leaf pile. Pumpkin is cool and all but he thinks others just seem to forget every other fall flavor and just concentrate on that one. Doesn’t seem to fair in his mind.

Who will think of the apples???!!!??

After pondering the true meaning of the pumpkin spice, Mr. C. Cow and I wandered around a quaint little cobblestone street while stretching our legs. Between the two of us we have six legs so that’s a lot of stretching. We browsed bookstores, smelled all the smells the local bakery had to offer, and stared in the windows of a fancy tearoom.

I need this sign for the camper. 

While I was discussing the pros and cons of running your own food cart with a local pretzel vendor I heard a lot of moo-laughing followed by splashing. I attempted to keep my conversation on pretzel salt prices going but it was too hard. When one hears a lot of moo-laughing followed by splashing you have to see where the source is coming from. You might not want to but you most certainly have to.

What did I find? Oh…I found a certain little cow taking a bath with a bird in a fountain! 


I quickly ran over to the fountain (Much to the amusement of the pretzel vendor) and asked Mr. C. Cow what he was doing in the fountain.

Me: What are you doing in that fountain?

Mr. C. Cow: Taking a bath. (Starts singing while washing cow pits)

Me: Why would you think it was a good idea to take a bath in the middle of a small town….in broad daylight… front of everyone????!!??

Mr. C. Cow: Well…the birds were taking a bath and I thought I could use one too. (Keeps singing while washing hoofs)

I quickly (and nicely) got Mr. C. Cow out of the fountain, gave the whole “Sorry! Sorry about that!” look to the locals, and led him back to the camper for a towel. I know that birds take baths in public but I really don’t think Mr. C. Cow should.

While our little (now clean) cow was drying off I went back outside to, again, tell the locals that I was so sorry he took a bath in their fountain. Much to my surprise they weren’t angry. It made their day. Not only did they think it was funny they gave me a few pretzels for the road.

I guess that, when faced with a bathing cow in your fountain, it might put a smile on your face. Especially if they like to sing in the bathtub.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Malal’s Autumn (M)




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