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Thankful For Brownies

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone From Mr. C. Cow And Myself!!


We heard about this whole thing where people have turkey for Thanksgiving. We invited Fred the turkey since a day to be thankful should be filled with friends and food. Fred informed us that when people usually say “having turkey for Thanksgiving” they usually means they are eating it. Mr. C. Cow and I  wouldn’t eat a Turkey, especially one as great as Fred. When we say we’re having turkey we’re usually having them over to eat with us.

As you can see in our postcard above we were on the desert portion of our meal. Mr. C. Cow and I were going very untraditional and skipping the pumpkin pie. He was more in the mood for brownies and you can never go wrong with a  good brownie. Also helps that Mr. C. Cow made them himself. Fred asked for a pie so he was given a pie. I’m amazed we didn’t have to give him a “to go” container as he ate the whole thing! If I ate a whole pie in one sitting I would feel kinda ill.

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We hope that, no matter if you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, that you have spent the day with people (and cows and jackrabbits and otters and anything else you want to hang out with) you love.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: This is my personal house in-world. Maybe I’ll do an open house in December with food so that everyone has someone to hang with during the holiday season. 


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