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Second Breakfast

Mr. C. Cow believes that there is a special food related season that starts the day after Thanksgiving and runs until January 2nd. It’s the time of the year where each meal involves pie, five hundred side dishes (at least), and some sort of holly jolly beverage. One good example of this is what happened the other day. While I was visiting a lovely snowman…….


…Mr. C. Cow was too busy partaking in his holiday fest season.


He missed an amazing conversation discussing the difficulties a snowman must face during the warmer months. Relocating (if needed) to an area that stays cold enough all year long. Finding employment in such locations. Making sure the air conditioning in their house doesn’t stop working if faced with a  heat wave. Heavy stuff!

Mr. C. Cow, on the other hand, was hoof deep into the appetizer of the appetizer of the appetizer. He completely missed out on a wonderful conversation I had with a  polar bear wearing headphones.


We listened to music together. Waved our hands in the air like we just didn’t care. I even learned a few new sweet dance moves that I am planning on testing the next time Mr. C. Cow and I go dancing.

What was he doing?

Eating pie. 

When we were both finished (Him with his pie and myself with learning how to do the “Roger Rabbit”) we got back into the camper and on our way. About three miles down the road Mr. C. Cow started to get a belly ache. It started out small then grew to epic pain of moo-crying proportions. I had to rush us to the nearest pharmacy for some tummy medication. While he was resting in the back of the camper I didn’t feel the need to be one of those “I told you so!!” kinda individuals. Mr. C. Cow learned his lesson. You can’t eat like every day is holiday meal. Not only is it REALLY bad for your body it’s also really bad for your (multiple) cow tummies.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: Make A Wish….Not Just For Christmas (M) 


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