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Gingerbread Of Fleet Street

Mr. C. Cow, being in the holiday spirit, wanted to go to the source of all of that reindeer lore and present giving. It’s not easy trying to take someone to the source of the big man in the red suit and the place that presents are made. Knowing this we stopped for cookies beforehand. Cookies = Super Ho Ho Ho Strength!

Try….Our…Gingerbread Cookies……

When greeted by giant ginger bread cookies asking you what you would like to try I CANNOT eat a cookie. I don’t care if it’s just in the shape of a circle. YOU CANNOT TRUST IT! (Gives the shifty “you know what I’m saying” eyes). Mr. C. Cow just had a coffee. We slowly backed out of the door like we were being stalked by some barber named Todd.

After that scary attempt at cookies we went back on Mr. C. Cow’s quest for the source of those presents that you find under a holiday tree each year. I told him it might be Santa Claus but he felt that it could be some sort of reverse thief.

Reverse thief? What in the name of jingle bells is a “reverse thief”?

Mr. C. Cow said that a “reverse thief” is someone that doesn’t steal from you but leaves you presents. It usually happens during the holidays. I asked him what a “reverse thief” looks like and he said they usually wear a lot of red and say “Ho Ho Ho” a lot. Of course I am scared of a regular thief so now I’m kinda scared of a reverse one. Not sure if I should be or not.

Lost, slightly (ok mostly) confused, and in need of directions to this so called “holiday place of origin” I stopped and asked the only individual I could think of that could help us. A penguin.

Take The Fish Leave The Presents. 

We stopped. I asked. He pointed to, I am not joking, the building right in front of him. Seriously? Seriously! He said that the source of everything Kringle was right there. The almighty power of the present. The elf on the…where does it go again….in front of us. By now I am not only hungry (WHO EATS GINGER BREAD COOKIES SOLD BY GINGER BREAD PEOPLE!??!!?), confused, not exactly sure what we were doing anymore, AND in need of a  nap we had found some sort of mystical place where those presents come from that  you get every December 25th.

Mr. C. Cow was mooing in anticipation.

I was looking for a cocktail shaker because my nerves needed it. 

The penguin was using ice skates to skate around and it was confusing. (Do penguins REALLY need ice skates? Come on!)

We walked up the steps to the door. Inch by inch. Step by step. Building suspense to the next part that comes after you are suppose to build suspense. What we found was……dramatic pause….GASP

A sign.



A safety sign? 


Yes. It was a safety sign. Neither Mr. C. Cow or myself had any hats on us. (He had a fedora but we were told that didn’t count. Who doesn’t count a fedora? Mean people is the answer!!!)

Sadly we had to leave. All the hats were down the hill  (near that SCARY bakery) in the camper. I wasn’t sad as much as relieved (and still confused as to what the h-e-double-hockey sticks was going on in this whole postcard stop). Mr. C. Cow was also not upset. He felt that anyone that put a flat out safety sign telling him to wear a holiday hat was just trying to fake him out. (Conspiracy theory of the holidays is born!) Renewed in his quest to find the present source (and…come on Mr. C. Cow…were you NOT freaked out by the gingerbread people??) he was ready to get in the camper and ride. Ride on to our holiday source. Our ho ho destiny. Our (I’m running out of holly jolly references here) answer to the mistletoe, the stockings, and everything.

I need a drink.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Christmas at the North Pole Village & Santa’s Workshop (M)

This place has been around since forever. It isn’t new and shiny. It isn’t newer items and graphics but it’s still fun to check out for a few moments just for the kid inside of you. Sometimes my cold little heart will point to something like this. Take a few virtual retro moments and giggle. And possibly feel some sort of holiday spirit.

If you still don’t know what Second Life is then I suggest you take a moment to look  HERE.


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