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Bovine Sweater

I, accidentally, ran into Santa Claus the other day while holiday shopping.  Well…not ran into as much as caught a quick glimpse of him. Mr. C. Cow was off in a different section of this tiny holiday village we happened upon buying more lightbulbs and I was trying to buy him something quickly before he came back. While browsing cow sized sweaters the big man himself flew overhead in his sleigh.


When Mr. C. Cow came back from his lightbulb purchasing I informed him that I had caught sight of Santa Claus streaking through the sky with a few of his reindeer. This made our dear little cow SUPER EXCITED! We have been trying to hunt the ho ho ho man down since the beginning of the holiday season and to be so close to miss him again drives us CRAZY!  Since Mr. C. Cow is so into the holiday season he was at least excited to have one of us catch a glimpse of the sleigh and a few tiny reindeer.

After the excitement of almost meeting Santa died down Mr. C. Cow went back to purchase a few holiday cards to send to the cows back home. I wandered around, spoke to a few of the local creatures living in the area, and attempted to find Mr. C. Cow the perfect sweater.

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I know that a sweater doesn’t sound like a really exciting present to give someone for the holidays but you don’t know Mr. C. Cow. He gets really chilly when we go to places with snow and a sweater in a cow size is not an easy find. We actually spent an entire day recently trying to find him one with no luck. You would think that more companies would take the time to think about their bovine customers. Maybe I should start a cow sweater company. Mr. C. Cow can knit and I’m pretty good at marketing.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure (M)


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