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35 PSI

Today was one of “those” kinda days. You know what I’m talking about. Those days where you just want to sit outside, drink a cup of coffee, and not have to worry about anything. Maybe eat a nice breakfast and chat with a friend. An easy peasy laid back day.

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We had the whole cup of coffee and breakfast thing going on. We even had it with a beautiful waterfront view. The peasy part was going pretty well as we nibbled on croissants  and chit chatted about how much air a camper tire needs for maxiumum safety. The easy part ceased to be when a small cat started spying on us from behind a park bench.

Can we help you?

Mr. C. Cow was oblivious to this cats presence but I kept it in the corner of one eye and my croissant in the other. (The cat looked like it was on the prowl for my breakfast bake good.)   As the conversation drifted from tire pressure to remembering to fill up on windshield wiper fluid the cat drifted from behind the bench to peeking around a tree. I was almost certain that my croissant was in danger.  When it attempted to move from behind the tree and over to a chair Mr. C. Cow finally noticed that his croissant was also in peril.

I’m not one to assume that the cat had it out for our pasteries but the evil look of food theft along with the whole drooling thing it had going on made me wonder what it was planning.  If the cat had it out for our breakfasts then he didn’t know anything about Mr. C. Cow. No one steals food from the cow. One time a penguin tried to eat his popcorn at the movies. I’m not going to get into details but the penguin was so shook up after the encounter his stories of that day have made Mr. C. infamous among his village.

I was about to get up and approach the cat when I noticed that, trailing a ways behind, was her three small kittens. Each of them didn’t look like horrible breakfast robbers. They just looked hungry. I started to feel bad that Mr. C. Cow and I were enjoying breakfast when this mother was about to stoop to stealing food just to feed her family.

Mr. C. Cow doesn’t look kindly upon anyone taking his food without asking but he is always there to give his food when there are those that need it more then he does. I am also the same way. Not only did we give them a croissant but we shared an entire breakfast meal with the whole family. There is a lesson here. Sometimes a situation looks one way but it ends up being something completely different. Sometimes someone will go to extreme measures for the welfare of their family and it’s sad that anyone would need to do that.

Sharing a breakfast is just a small thing we can do to help.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Wanderlust Bench Art Park (M). I want to mention that they have an area dedicated to various places to visit in SL. Great if you’re looking for new places to visit.

Still don’t know what Second Life is? Check it out here!

We can’t talk about helping without giving you an idea about what you can do to help others. Want to help hungry animals? Homeless animals? Animals who could really use your help?  Helping doesn’t have to be money. It can be donating time or items they need.  Check out the SPCA and think about doing something to help.


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