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You Say Bark

Have you ever seen Mr. C. Cow on a bicycle? It’s an amazing scene to drink in. No one, that we know of, has ever made a bike specifically for a cow. For Mr. C. to get on a bike it takes at least one other person to help him adjust his hoofs onto the peddles. Then you have to sorta get his hoofs to go onto the handle bars. An hour (or 5 later) he’ll be on the bike looking all sorts of proper YET he will just tip over. We’ve never, actually, gone on a bike ride as the set up and fall down seem to take too long. One day we are hoping to find a bike that will fit his bovine physique.

I Want To Ride My Bicycle…

Although we didn’t get to bike around today we did find one of the greatest desert inventions known to man. When one wants to exercise it’s a good yet bad thing to find something that won’t help the whole “I want to lose some weight in 2017” resolution that everyone seems to make. (I don’t see why anyone does this. I’m fine just the way I am! So is Mr. C. Cow!) The evolution of dessert started with people deep frying baked goods into a gooey greasy heart attack in dough form. Then it went….to…..this….


Behold! The ferris wheel of cupcakes! Why have a normal cupcake on a plate when you can have it twirling around like some sort of edible ride car? This innovative invention of confectionary awesomeness make Mr. C. Cow forget all about his (possibly 700th) attempt at getting on a bike. I think that if our friend Pieni was with us she would have also been perfectly ok with ditching the bikes to marvel in the tiny carnival of cake.

I did take a bunch of other postcard pictures while I was putting the bikes back on the camper but Mr. C. Cow was too busy staring at the cupcakes of this bakery ride go round and round. I don’t blame him because nothing in this world can beat the twirling/whirling of something covered in icing.

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I love my cow friend. He means the world to me. Even with his fixation on cupcakes going round and round on a ferris wheel. Even though he doesn’t fit on a bicycle. (Why would that even be a friend issue?) He makes me laugh. He makes me wonder why anyone would want to lick a door knob (Still trying to break him of this habit!).

I hope that, some day, we will find a bike built for cows.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

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3 thoughts on “You Say Bark

  1. Laughed myself half to death, loving it.
    But please allow me one remark: I’m not a natural born English speaker buuut bicycle pedals are just that: Pedals. Not Paddles and surely no peddles, whatever that might be.

    And why is that bike floating in your first photo? Admit it, you filed it with helium to help Mr. Cow look more elegant and weightless while riding, right?


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