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She Blinded Me With Science

Mr. C. Cow has an old college buddy who is some sort of “mad scientist”. I don’t say mad because she’s searching for cemetery body parts to bring forth some sort of patchwork quilt monster. More on the lines of mad because she just has an anger issue problem. According to Mr. C. she’s not as mad as she use to be as she’s been going to therapy to deal with her anger issues. Instead of throwing test tubes she just meditates. I’m glad she’s not as enraged as she use to be. I don’t feel like getting hit by a test tube.

The scientist, whose name was “Doctor Snadien”, had written to Mr. C. Cow and told him about an amazing breakthrough in the science of time travel. Personally, I try to leave the time travel thing to people with police boxes, but Mr. C. Cow has always been interested in the theory of time. I am more interested in being on time.

When we arrived at the Doctor Snadien’s laboratory I expected, at least, some sort of lab assistant to meet us. I’m not snobby formal fancy. I just like knowing where we’re going. There was no one to be found. Not even a grad student leading the likes of us around for college credits. We were so confused as to where to go. Giant science facilities are hard to maneuver. Left. Right. Dead end. Turn around. Go left through these doors. Do the hokey pokey. Turn yourself around. BAM. Laboratory!

When we did find the lab (after finding a random snack machine for a quick snack), just like the entrance, there was no one to be found. From what we could see there must have been some sort of scientific party shindig that occurred where there was much party party and not a lot of bottle clean up.

Party responsibly and pick up all empty bottles.

I’m glad they all had a good time but it was kinda rude for them to get so partied out that no one bothered to meet us in the lab the next day. As you can see they didn’t even bother to turn off some sort of portal-whirly-time tunnel of funk.  This could, quite possibly, suck someone inside. Like some sort of weird time-nado.

There were all sorts of weird dates blinking around on above the time-nado. 1891. 1930. 1959. I thought it was some sort of great movie-like special lab effects going on. Mr. C. Cow was more solemn and felt that the entire lab crew, along with Doctor Snadien, were sucked into this time trap.


I was a little worried and Mr. C. Cow, who is usually calm, was also in distress over the state of the laboratory. I was about to make a stupid joke about how I was happy that no one got hit in the head by a test tube when THIS decided to happen…..

Go Go Go It’s A Time-Nado!!

A portal to, who knows where, decided to open up and suck us in. I’m currently writing this postcard in hopes that you get it. I don’t know where we will end up. I don’t know if this time-nado will rip us into minutes and seconds. I just hope that….

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Time Portal – Time Machine Laboratory (G) 


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