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And Failed Me In Geology

(Part 1 is right here of our 2 part time EXPLOSION!)

I don’t know if knew this but being sucked into a time-nado swirly thing kinda does a number on your stomach. It’s like being on a boat and getting sea sick then getting sucked into a whirlpool. Minus the being wet part. I’m really bad at trying to give a good “sucked up into who knows where time” description. What I do know is that we were swirling and whirling and time jumping like we were some sort of alien with two hearts.

At least there’s food!


At first we ended up in some sort of 1950s sock hop/lots of flamingo decor era. Since we hadn’t eaten breakfast the 50s gave us the perfect opportunity to go to a diner. One should never forget to eat during a time warp crisis. Pancakes are a cure-all.

As soon as we paid our bill we were sucked up, once again, by that weird swirling time-nado thing. I wish it would have, at least, waited for our breakfast to settle. Mr. C. Cow and I were thrown out the other side looking a little greener than usual.

Good thing Mr. C. Cow just happened to have a top hat on him to gain entrance!

Ahh…the roaring 20s. Or is this the 30s? 40s? It didn’t really matter as we could hear the sound of jazz music through the doors of some place called the “Calendar Club”. I’m not one to pass up good jazz and the opportunity for an old-fashioned cocktail. Mr. C. Cow isn’t the type to pass up the opportunity to wear a top hat. If we were going to be stuck somewhere back in time what better way to spend it then at some sort of speakeasy. Hopefully we’ll be here for a long while then, somehow, find our way home.

Oh…come on! Not another time-nado! But…I would like another cocktail!


We landed next to a pile of chairs on fire. Who does that kinda thing? Chairs are supposed to be for sitting not for burning. I have a feeling that there is a SERIOUS amount of fire code violations going on here.

Wait…where are we? No cars? Horse drawn carriages? Industrial revolution? 

We really needed to get back to our own time! At this rate we were going to end up getting eaten by a dinosaur. The 50s diner was great for breakfast. The Calendar Club was great for cocktails. The…late 1800s/early 1900s had us afraid that we would freeze to death on cobblestone streets. Neither one of us had brought a coat and Mr. C. Cow was starting to cry.

Cow tears are not tiny. When cow tears start they start big and have a hard time stopping. When he cries I start to cry. I can’t help myself. We sat on a street corner and cried as the snow kept coming down on us. We cried as the horse dung guy cleaned up the streets. We cried till we ran out of tears, recharged them, then cried some more. Hope was starting to slip away as another time-nado decided to suck us back up. This time we didn’t care. We just wanted to go home.

Wait…where are we? A lab? A LAB!

Somehow we had found ourselves back where we started. The lab was still a mess and the clock said that no minutes had passed. How did we get back?  How did we end up going through time in the first place? What kind of crazy scientist thinks it’s a good idea to drink a couple of bottles of liquor and let loose the science of time?

Neither Mr. C. Cow or I felt like figuring out how this was even possible. We didn’t even want to clean up the bottles lying around on the floor. (Although I was sorely tempted to do so. I hate to see stuff laying around like that!) Any sane person would turn around and run out of that building not looking back. We are some pretty sane individuals so we did just that.

I think that Mr. C. Cow is going to need to write a strongly worded email to his scientist friend about the state of her laboratory as well as the numerous safety violations going on. I think that I am going to have to write an email to some sort of government agency or man in a blue box or something telling them about the rips in time.

I need another drink!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Time Portal – Time Machine Laboratory (G)


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