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Mr. C. Cow and I decided to camp out under the stars last night. The weather was nice. The view was absolutely amazing. We couldn’t ask for a better night to star gaze.

  • inspirespacepark2
    Here Comes The Sun (Dooo Do Do Do)…

    We decided to star gaze and think and wish upon every star we saw as well as ponder the questions of life, the universe and everything.

    Mr. C. Cow’s Wishes & Musings (Moo-sings)

    People should not get all sorts of weird knowing that a cow has more than one stomach. Cows do, in fact, have four stomachs. Mr. C. Cow doesn’t understand why anyone would think this is weird. It’s not weird but beautiful. Why have one stomach when you can have a couple more? You go Mr. C.!

    If we were to launch a spaceship full of popcorn into the sun then how much would pop? Would most of it burn away? Would some of it hit the planet? Would we be destroyed by popped corn hurling through space? THE WORLD WANTS TO KNOW!!!!!

    If a cow moo’s in the forest does anyone realize that it’s on a hike, got lost, and is trying NOT to be taken to one of those “beef farms”? (Mr. C. Cow has a fear of being taken to one. This will NEVER HAPPEN. I would NEVER allow anything to happen to my best cow friend!!)


Here Come The Sun (And I say)…

My Wishes & Ponderings

I wish I may I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight.  I wish that Mr. C. Cow and I can travel together forever! Best friends for life!

If you were to drink a couple of martini’s while in a spaceship would it feel like the room was standing still instead of spinning?

Do they make an astronaut outfit that would fit a cow? How about an otter? If we were to go into space exploration could we name our ship “Moo 1”?

It’s nice to stop, park, and question the universe on a clear night. Mr. C. Cow fell asleep while I was discussing what it would be like to fly in space with him. It’s late and it’s all good. It’s time I followed his lead and get some sleep too. Tomorrow is a new day full of new things!

It’s All Right!


“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: Inspire Space Park (G)


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