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Sssssssssss Poetry

I hurt my back REALLY bad earlier in the week so Mr. C. Cow has been a really great help. Not only has he been doing a lot of the driving while I’m laying flat down all sorts of “graaaarrrr” at the pain he also promised to send everyone the next postcard.

For today’s postcard Mr. C. Cow decided to dip into his poetry notebook and give us a poem. About a snake. In a tree. Near a waterfall. I’m not joking. If I was I would laugh but laughing hurts and hurting sucks. I’ve very proud that Mr. C. has found a way to express himself


Ode To A Snake I Saw Last Week

By Mr. C. Cow


Last week I saw a snake in a tree.

Couldn’t figure out how he had gotten there.

He couldn’t have flown for he has no wings.

Couldn’t have walked because he has no legs.

Did he slither all the way up high in the trees branches?

Did his slitherers get tired climbing all that way?

Why did you go up there Mr. Snake?

To look at the sky or look over the water?

Can you swim if you were to fall?

I worry about you being up there without a safety net.

Please be careful.

The world wouldn’t want to lose you.


I am not exactly sure what Mr. C. Cow was going for when he used the word “slitherers”. I am assuming he made up a word to describe what they use to do that whole slither thing. Doesn’t matter because I think his poetry is getting so much better! Proud of the lil’ bovine!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: River Falls (M)

You can check out the first poem Mr. C. Cow did as a postcard right HERE!


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