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All About The Squid

Mr. C. Cow and I went to an underwater aquarium today and found that we were in desperate need of a lesson on the differences between an octopus and a squid. Not because we were writing a paper on the subject. Not because we were trying to impress someone with conversation. More on the lines of having to know what to yell when we were confronted by this:

Mega Whale Vs. Giant Squid!

When confronted by two giants of the deep grappling to the death it’s kinda important to know which animal is which. It’s also very important to back slowly away from the aquarium glass just in case of a tail or whatever smashing into it. I didn’t bring scuba gear (Mr. C. Cow, strangely enough, had brought scuba gear) and I didn’t feel like getting my hair wet do to some sort of sea life spat.

Differences (And Similarities) Between Squids And Octopuses (And Other Such Things) As Figured Out By Tipsy And Mr. C. Cow

Squids have a triangle-shaped head. An octopus has a round head. I have a small head with big hair. Mr. C. Cow has a cow head.

An octopus lives in a den on the sea floor. A squid likes to hang out in the open waters. Mr. C. Cow and myself live in a camper when not at home.

This is a squid.

Both a squid and an octopus use “jet propulsion” to get around. We use gas we get at the gas station.

A squid has a structure that acts as a backbone and an octopus does not. Do not tell an octopus that it doesn’t have “a backbone” in a mean way as they are not too happy when called names. Being crushed by an octopus does not sound like a great idea.

Yup. Still A Squid.

We decided, after watching the squid and the whale go at it like some sort of underwater death match, that we might want to leave and come back to the aquarium at a later date. When a squid and a whale fight like that I’m always afraid that some innocent bystanders (namely ourselves) will get hurt on accident. It’s not like I’ve been to many squid/whale fights but leaving just seemed like the logical thing to do.

I wonder what they were fighting about….

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Abyss Observatory (G)

Special thank you to Marslean for helping us edit our photo postcards today. Please go and check out her website “Marslean’s World“!




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