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Sir Loin

Mr. C. Cow and I both are avid readers. Being on the road gives you a lot of time to read. Time to read when you’re the passenger as you travel, at night before bed, or any other time you can sneak a quick chapter in before you’re off to the next adventure.


I like to read just about anything you put in front of me. From the manual on how to set the clock on the camper microwave to classic novels. Mr. C. Cow prefers to read books that involve “strong cow characters”. If he likes a book he then proceeds to chew on the corner of them. He says it’s his “seal of approval”. I think it’s more of a “cow tooth mark of approval”. Maybe he feels that, by chewing on a book cover, he will absorb some of its literary energy or power or something. What I do know is that Mr. C. REALLY needs to stop doing it.

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We found ourselves at a bookstore this morning because, between all of the reading and chewing, we were in need of new items. A lot of people have said to us “Why don’t you get an e-reader?”.

Good question!

Mr. C. Cow says it’s because you can’t chew on technology as well as you can paper. I say we don’t have one because I am not into reading something on a screen. It feels impersonal and I enjoy the smell of a good book. You also have to plug an e-reader in and between the cell phone charger, milk jug warmer, and other such items having a free place to plug another item in is rare.

More Books!

We ended up coming out of the bookstore with a few books each. I got a few books on bird watching, camper maintenance, and the art of beehives. Mr. C. Cow found quite a few books that involved “strong cow characters”. The ones that didn’t involve cows he said he would just pretend they were cows. One book he got in particular involved cow knights in shining armor. I asked him if the main characters name was “Sir Loin”. He was not amused at my joke.

I thought it was funny.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Art & Words Cafe (M)

I recommend checking them out as their walls are covered in lots of art. There is a sign so you can learn more about the current artist showcasing their work.




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