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Panorama 70’s

Mr. C. Cow and I were sitting around a campfire last night drinking coffee and staring at the camper. This got us thinking about those weird murals everyone seemed to paint on their vans in the 70s. If we were to paint a mural on our camper in the style of the 70s what would we paint on it? I said I would paint a wizard otter doing a swirl of disco magic. Mr. C. Cow sat quietly for a few minutes and contemplated what he would consider the ultimate in disco camper mural. His answer? “I’ll have to think about it.”

He sure is taking this whole van mural thing seriously! 

I got out my otter friendly cell phone (It’s hard to use a non-otter friendly phone with these limbs!) and text messaged a few friends about  what they would put on the camper as a 70s style mural.

“I would paint a lady bringing forth a very powerful force from a crystal ball.” – Marslean 

“Smelly rat man with his tongue hanging out and eyes bulging riding in a flaming hot rod. Emphasis on the smelly and flames.” – Bishop

I even called my mother and asked her what she kind of mural she would paint. She said “An American flag with a peace sign on it. That was really popular in the 70s.”. We then spent the next ten minutes discussing 70s fashion. I don’t know if my otter butt would look good in hot pants.

When I got off of the phone Mr. C. Cow had disappeared to, I presumed, bed. It was kinda late so I made my way to dreamland as well.

The next morning Mr. C. Cow had left a picture he had drawn in the night of what his mural would look like. Let me show you:


As you can see it is a rainbow cow climbing a mountain at night with a wolf howling on the moon. It is a wolf as I asked for clarification. (I thought it was a cat!) I like how Mr. C. Cow took the time to think this through then got out some colored pencils and drew his masterpiece. If we ever decide to paint a 70s mural on our camper I’m hiring him to do the job!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I want to say thank you to everyone for answering my 70s van mural question.

My mother for taking my phone call and not thinking that I was too weird for asking. Thanks Mom!

Marslean for actually drawing out her mural idea then getting too embarrassed to share what she drew. It’s ok. I tried drawing an otter wizard six plus times and it just didn’t work out. Maybe it’s because I can only draw stick figures. (You can check out Marsleans own website HERE!)

Bishop sent me a picture he found of what he would use as his 70s mural. This photo was fun to describe! I would like to point out that his smelly rat man had flies buzzing around it.




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