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The Candy Cow Can

While eating breakfast Mr. C. Cow and I, somehow, got on the subject of candy. Candy isn’t a really hard subject to randomly talk about with Mr. C. as he feels it’s an important part of a balanced diet. You try explaining to a cow that chocolate covered almonds are not a side dish! It’s not an easy thing to do. Especially if he’s wearing candy corn as “sweet teeth” in his mouth at the same time.

I’ll take one of everything! 

The one candy that I cannot understand why anyone would want to eat is a circus peanut. The name alone makes me think of something really gross that you would mistake for a peanut at a circus. (You know. Ewww!!) As for the candy itself it has the texture of a packing peanut. If you have a moving emergency and are out of packing peanuts you could use a circus peanut in it’s place. (As long as you don’t mind your stuff getting sticky if it’s hot out!)

I see circus peanuts in your future…..

Mr. C. Cow thinks that circus peanuts are a wonderful candy invention. When he eats one he says he likes to pretend that he is at an actually circus. I’m not sure if he eats them to just feel like he’s at the circus or actually likes the taste. Then again, Mr. C. isn’t one to pass up any type of candy. If it is considered a candy or has the word “candy” in the name then he’s a fan. Maybe I should buy him a t-shirt that proclaims his fandom.

“THIS Cow LOVES Candy!”

Instead of a t-shirt I should probably make him some sort of candy costume. Maybe one of those wrapped hard candy’s or a chocolate bar wrapper. When we go to various places that just happen to have a candy shop he can dress like the merchandise. In all seriousness, I just think it would be kinda cute to see him walk around as a chocolate bar. I know he’d get a kick out of it.

How about we just have some cake instead?

Now I’m going to have to find enough fabric to create the ultimate in candy fan costume. Instead of going to a candy store Mr. C. we might need to find a place that sells fabric. If you’re going to buy candy might as well look the part.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Photo Location: Market Square At Orchard Heights (M)


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