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Space Octopus

Mr. C. Cow started talking about aliens the other night. The strange thing about his alien chat was the fact that we were eating cookies while driving to a gas station. This wasn’t some sort of staring at the stars and wondering what’s out there moment. It was a chocolate chip cookie and fuel up moment. I thought it very odd that Mr. C. Cow would want to talk about aliens just then.

Take me to your nearest cocktail bar…please….

Ends up that he had a bizarre dream involving aliens wanting to know where the nearest cocktail bar was. Who doesn’t want to know that important information? I could sure use those directions right now. I started to make one of those typical “cow abduction” jokes but he shot me a look that said “Seriously??”. I put that joke on the back burner for a later date.

This got us thinking about what a real life space alien would look like. We asked Bishop what he thought they would look like when we returned from our gas excursion (gas-cursion?).  He mumbled something about a “Space Octopus”, filled up his coffee mug, and went off to change the oil on a forklift. Marlsean started to get into the whole scientific thing about single cells and “the building blocks of life” but we started to get lost when she got into the whole thing. Marslean is WAY too smart for us!

Are you hiding space octopus?

Mr. C. Cow said he likes to picture aliens as tourists to our planet that are just looking for a fun place to hang out. Maybe get a donut or roller skate. I like to picture a blob of intelligent light that’s looking down at us and going “Meh. At least they invented the martini”.

After our discussion I told him to go and draw me a picture of how he feels an extraterrestrial would look. I sat down and thought hard about not being alone in the universe. Is there something else out there? Is it friendly? What does it look like? Did it ever find the nearest cocktail bar?

Hopefully, one day, we’ll have some answers.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken in Second Life by…you guessed it….Me!

Second Life Location: Space Port Paradise City (M) 


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