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Raised Eyebrow Crunches

Mr. C. Cow ate one too many bags of gummy bears the other day and was unable to fit into his sunglasses. I’m not sure how gummy bears made his glasses “too tight” but he swears he gained a little weight in the eye area. I think they look exactly the same as the did before he binge ate gummies.

Do to this eye area weight gain, Mr. C. has decided to get a gym membership and start “pumping iron”. To mentally prepare himself for this endeavor, he went shopping and bought a pair of gym shorts, a headband, and a tank top that said “Gym Rat”. I thought it should say “Gym Cow” but the store didn’t seem to carry that shirt. To support him in his eye area weight loss program, I bought a workout outfit and some sensible gym shoes. Friends should support friends (even if they think their “eye weight area” looks fine.)

Hope no one stubs their toes!

I’m afraid to say that they gym intimidates me. All of these individuals using the word “deadlift” had me scared that they were going to start bench pressing corpses. (Ewww!!!) When asked about my “quads” I was so freaked out that I thought I had left mine at home. Was I suppose to bring them with me? Where do I buy quads because I don’t think I have any.

I’m just gonna hide behind the water cooler.

Mr. C. Cow started out doing a few chin ups followed by “raised eyebrow crunches”. That just involved him moving his eyebrows up and down a lot while yelling “Feel the burn!!!”. I tried to do a bit of weight lifting with these giant metal things but my arm felt like it was going to fall off. Have you ever seen a short otter with giant arm muscles? Neither have I.

Buff Otter Muscles Go!

I’m glad that Mr. C. Cow is thinking healthier and wanting to work out. I do think that his “eye weight area” looks fine. Be it a short otter with weeny arms or cow with buff eyebrows (those crunches work!) be confident in you. If he wants to continue going to the gym for healthy reasons then good for him! I’m proud! I’ll just stick to hiking and power walking.

I think that we all get a little critical of our looks sometimes. We are our own worst critics after all. Mr. C. now realizes that his eye area is fine. He’s fine just the way he is and shouldn’t work out just because he feels he has to. Now Mr. C. Cow works out to stay healthy. We’re all beautiful not matter what size or shape we are!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

All photos taken (by me) in Second Life

Second Life Location: Hampted Gym (M)



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