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Oatmeal Forest Whatever

Last week was Valentine’s day and the love fest of presents and candy did not disappoint. Besides the usual confections shaped like hearts, everyone got a silly gift to reflect their goofy side. Marslean received a set of fuzzy socks decorated with penguins wearing pink sweaters. Bishop was given a 64 oz travel coffee mug adorned with glittery forklifts. My gift was an industrial sized can of hairspray that smelled like “forest fondness”. (It smells like you walked into the woods where someone decided to spray a tree with lavender and oatmeal.) Mr. C. Cow got a train book and engine shaped chocolate bar.

I gave Mr. C. a train book because, as of late, he’s had this obsession with railroading. Early January, I caught him discussing “riding the rails” with Marslean. Two weeks ago, Mr. C. explained the “wooo woo” noise a train makes when it blows it’s horn to Bishop. (Bishop was trying to move a bunch of pallets with a forklift so the “Woooo Wooo” sounds were distracting.). This past Monday he wore a conductors hat while grocery shopping. It is safe to say that Mr. C. Cow is captivated by trains.

Parking the camper next to these buggies was not an easy task.

To go with the book and choo-choo shaped chocolate, I decided to tell Mr. C. Cow to don his conductors hat and get ready to ride the rails. This excited him to the point of almost passing out. It could have been all of the chocolate that he had just eaten, but I prefer to think it was the trains.

Two tickets please!! Umm…hello….excuse me…hi…

When Mr. C. recovered from his swooning, we were off. The train ride was captivating and we only had one instance of tension. This was due to Mr. C. Cow trying to tell the engineer all of the parts of the train. After an hour of this we were told to go back to our seats. To combat the disappointment of not getting to discuss the nuts and bolts of a train, I bought Mr. C. a wooden train whistle. A wooden train whistle might spell regret in the future.

The view was spectacular!

I’m glad that everyone enjoyed their Valentine presents this year. Marslean’s hoofs are warm, Bishop has a lot of coffee-to-go, and my hair smells like oatmeal forest whatever with great hold. I know that Mr. C. Cow had a fabulous day because, as I write to all of you, I can hear the faint sounds of a wooden train whistle.

Woo Woo,

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken in Second Life by yours truly!

Second Life Location: Dreamshire (M)


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