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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

We are so sorry that we’ve been absent for so long. We looked at our last postcard date and Mr. C. Cow passed out. He’s not use to the lack of communication on his end. On a scale of bright fireworks to dull rock on the side of the road he lies somewhere in the “shining so brightly with communication you need sunglasses”. (I did not come up with that analogy. Mr. C. did. It’s a work in progress.)

It’s not for the lack of stories to tell. (Picking strawberries while getting chased by a REALLY angry bee is one of them.) We’ve had a bit of a, how do you say it, snafu? Snarffalafoon? PffftmaPfff? Cerulean has been overwhelmed with so much stuff in life (camper upkeep, equipment company paperwork, trying to reach containers for leftovers from a cupboard seven feet taller then she is) that it’s been too much. Time off to recharge and destress.

So Much Work!!!!!

What has everyone been up to this Summer?

Mr. C. Cow has spent his Summer learning Calligraphy. He was in a bit of a shock as he thought that “calligraphy” was a type of dance. Not only has his hoof writing gotten better but his Cha-Cha dancing has greatly improved. (Not sure how that happened but we’ll go with it.)

Bishop has taken some much needed time off throughout this HOT HOT Summer. It’s been so hot that we thought one of our forklifts at the equipment company was going to melt. It wasn’t a melting forklift incident as much as an ice cream cone left on a gear shift melting accident. (Mr. C. Cow SWEARS it wasn’t him!) When Bishop wasn’t solving the greatest melting episode of ALL TIME, he was able to take off his hard hat off and take a nap. Who doesn’t deserve a nap?

Marslean has been doing a lot of reading this Summer. Being a student who is determined to do the best in life she can there is no time off. Ok. Maybe a little bit of time. Mr. C Cow and Marslean were caught strapping surf boards to the camper and yelling “Let’s surf the world!”. Neither one of them know how to surf. They were, successfully, redirected to a wave pool at a local hangout.

We hope that everyone has had a, not too hot Summer. (Oh it’s 7000000 degrees again day? REALLY???!!!????!!!)

Have Missed All Of You!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photo taken in the virtual world “Second Life”.

If you have Second Life you can visit this location right HERE!

What’s Second Life?


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