I’m just a small town otter living in a lonely world. I took the midnight train going anyyyyyywhere…..

Seriously…I’m a small otter that just happens to have a camper and a love to travel the back roads in search of the greatest stops, scenic routes, and adventure. Armed with just a beehive, a camper, my luggage, some stamps, and Mr. C. Cow I set off in search of the off-beaten path. I hope they have cocktails where we’re going!

Over a year ago I started taking photos in Second Life and turning them into post cards to share my camper vacation journeys throughout the grid. The idea of how one gets into a camper and explores the world has always interested me and I decided to take that real life idea and bring it into a virtual world.

Instead of just sharing with those I know I decided to share my vacationing adventures with everyone. A postcard, just like a photo, is worth a thousand words.

Updates On Tuesdays And Thursdays.

We are a part of Kinkhead Creations.

Kinkhead Creations

Kinkhead Creations is the brainchild of a non-child who just happens to draw like a child. We bring you a various creative websites for your amusement.

You can contact us at: kinkheadcreations@gmail.com

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