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Inching Every So Closer

Mr. C. Cow would like to wish everyone a very merry “Christmas In July”.

Yeah…….It’s July. Our jolly cow friend is just a tad bit too excited for the holiday season to approach. It’s been so hot outside that I think I melted a pair of shoes walking from a carry out to the camper. One time the sun and I had a discussion about, maybe, calming down a few degrees but they didn’t listen. Do you know how much beehives on an otter sweat when exposed to seven billion (possibly exaggerated) degrees? I do not feel we are even close to the gift giving, Santa loving time of the year.

With that said….Happy “Christmas In July” from Mr. C. Cow.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I took this photo in SL at the Christmas at North Pole Village & Santa’s Workshop (M). Yes….we went and paid a visit to Mr. C. Cow’s buddy Mr. Claus. He’s doing well. Did a bit of surfing on his off time. Ate a lot of beach food from various food trucks. Did take Ms. Claus on that art museum walking tours she’s been dying to do. Glad to hear that they are enjoying their off time.

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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

We are so sorry that we’ve been absent for so long. We looked at our last postcard date and Mr. C. Cow passed out. He’s not use to the lack of communication on his end. On a scale of bright fireworks to dull rock on the side of the road he lies somewhere in the “shining so brightly with communication you need sunglasses”. (I did not come up with that analogy. Mr. C. did. It’s a work in progress.)

It’s not for the lack of stories to tell. (Picking strawberries while getting chased by a REALLY angry bee is one of them.) We’ve had a bit of a, how do you say it, snafu? Snarffalafoon? PffftmaPfff? Cerulean has been overwhelmed with so much stuff in life (camper upkeep, equipment company paperwork, trying to reach containers for leftovers from a cupboard seven feet taller then she is) that it’s been too much. Time off to recharge and destress.

So Much Work!!!!!

What has everyone been up to this Summer?

Mr. C. Cow has spent his Summer learning Calligraphy. He was in a bit of a shock as he thought that “calligraphy” was a type of dance. Not only has his hoof writing gotten better but his Cha-Cha dancing has greatly improved. (Not sure how that happened but we’ll go with it.)

Bishop has taken some much needed time off throughout this HOT HOT Summer. It’s been so hot that we thought one of our forklifts at the equipment company was going to melt. It wasn’t a melting forklift incident as much as an ice cream cone left on a gear shift melting accident. (Mr. C. Cow SWEARS it wasn’t him!) When Bishop wasn’t solving the greatest melting episode of ALL TIME, he was able to take off his hard hat off and take a nap. Who doesn’t deserve a nap?

Marslean has been doing a lot of reading this Summer. Being a student who is determined to do the best in life she can there is no time off. Ok. Maybe a little bit of time. Mr. C Cow and Marslean were caught strapping surf boards to the camper and yelling “Let’s surf the world!”. Neither one of them know how to surf. They were, successfully, redirected to a wave pool at a local hangout.

We hope that everyone has had a, not too hot Summer. (Oh it’s 7000000 degrees again day? REALLY???!!!????!!!)

Have Missed All Of You!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photo taken in the virtual world “Second Life”.

If you have Second Life you can visit this location right HERE!

What’s Second Life?

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Plus One

Mr. C. Cow went on a reunion tour this weekend. When I think of a reunion tour I, usually, think about rock bands who inform us that they this will be their last “Hurrah!” but continue it on for the next thirty plus years. When I asked Marslean she stated that “Didn’t (insert band here) do a whole final tour thing for the past twenty plus years?”. When Mr. C. Cow says the word “reunion”, it just involves a bunch of his cow friends hanging out in a field, listening to the music of their generation, and talking about their jobs.

Mr. C. Cow took me to his friend reunion as his plus one. Had a lovely conversation with an accountant who told me I need to “plan for my future”. Mr. C. told him that our future included a stop at the candy store after the party. I don’t think that’s the kind of future the accountant was talking about.

Have you planned for your future?

I’ve never been to a party in a muddy field before. It had rained the night before so I had issues with my footwear. If I took more than three steps in a row my shoe would stay in the mud and I would keep on going. A delightful bovine retrieved my shoes for me on multiple occasions. They even had to pull me out of the mud when I got stuck. Being short in a field full of muck is hard work. It sure was a lot of work for my retrieving bovine buddy.

It seems that I have to fetch your footwear again!

I’m glad that Mr. C. Cow got to hang out with old pals. Get to see what everyone is up to these days, eat lots of food, dance, and have a great time. Next time I’m invited to a party in a muddy field I’ll be sure to wear the proper foot gear.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken by me of a few of my neighborhood cows. They were polite enough to pose for pictures.

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Comical Large Feather Duster

Mr. C. Cow decided, since it was Monday, that Bishop needed a bit of help around the shop. This is surprising as Mr. C. usually likes to begin the day with a banana smoothie, a long bath, and a nap. Not only was I surprised but so was Bishop as he was planning a normal workday. When it comes to working in the shop with Mr. C. Cow the words “normal workday” are never uttered.

The first order of business was to dust the shop. Mr. C. was not asked to dust but he felt it needed it. I’ve never seen anyone attempt to dust equipment with a comically large feather duster. After an hour of vigorous cleaning, we were no better off in the dust department then when we started. Mr. C. gave up on his attempt and wandered around for an hour looking for another area he would be useful at.

Dusting this was not successful.

After a quick sandwich and a few laps around the shop, Mr. C. Cow came back ready to test all of the emergency buttons. Bishop did something I’ve never seen a polar bear in a hard hat do in all of history. There was a slow-mo “noooooooooo” as he body blocked the emergency stop button. I wish I would have had a camera as I feel we could have made an industrial safety video just from that footage. Emergency button testing was a no go.

Do not touch unless it is a REAL emergency!

For the next two hours, Mr. C. Cow sat next to my desk “moo sighing” while I was trying to do paperwork. Bishop, knowing that Mr. C. Cow just wanted to help, gave him the perfect job of sorting hardware into their proper bins.

Separate those things Mr. C. Cow!

Happy to be of use (and tired of “moo-sighing”), Mr. C. got right to work. If you’ve ever needed anyone to organize hardware in your life then you need to hire him. He was made for separating things. (Once saw him separate lettuce from a BLT without removing the bread…different story…different day….).

Important Lesson Of The Day:

Not everyone was made to do everything. I’m too short to dunk a basketball. Bishop was not made to fit into tiny spaces. Mr. C. Cow was not cut out to be left alone around heavy machinery. The good thing is that we were all made to do something great. I’m good at retrieving things from underneath a camper seat. Bishop is great at drinking coffee while working on machinery. Mr. C. Cow is wonderful at organizing. We all have something we are spectacular at. Sometimes it just takes us a while to find out what it is.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken by yours truly!

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Oatmeal Forest Whatever

Last week was Valentine’s day and the love fest of presents and candy did not disappoint. Besides the usual confections shaped like hearts, everyone got a silly gift to reflect their goofy side. Marslean received a set of fuzzy socks decorated with penguins wearing pink sweaters. Bishop was given a 64 oz travel coffee mug adorned with glittery forklifts. My gift was an industrial sized can of hairspray that smelled like “forest fondness”. (It smells like you walked into the woods where someone decided to spray a tree with lavender and oatmeal.) Mr. C. Cow got a train book and engine shaped chocolate bar.

I gave Mr. C. a train book because, as of late, he’s had this obsession with railroading. Early January, I caught him discussing “riding the rails” with Marslean. Two weeks ago, Mr. C. explained the “wooo woo” noise a train makes when it blows it’s horn to Bishop. (Bishop was trying to move a bunch of pallets with a forklift so the “Woooo Wooo” sounds were distracting.). This past Monday he wore a conductors hat while grocery shopping. It is safe to say that Mr. C. Cow is captivated by trains.

Parking the camper next to these buggies was not an easy task.

To go with the book and choo-choo shaped chocolate, I decided to tell Mr. C. Cow to don his conductors hat and get ready to ride the rails. This excited him to the point of almost passing out. It could have been all of the chocolate that he had just eaten, but I prefer to think it was the trains.

Two tickets please!! Umm…hello….excuse me…hi…

When Mr. C. recovered from his swooning, we were off. The train ride was captivating and we only had one instance of tension. This was due to Mr. C. Cow trying to tell the engineer all of the parts of the train. After an hour of this we were told to go back to our seats. To combat the disappointment of not getting to discuss the nuts and bolts of a train, I bought Mr. C. a wooden train whistle. A wooden train whistle might spell regret in the future.

The view was spectacular!

I’m glad that everyone enjoyed their Valentine presents this year. Marslean’s hoofs are warm, Bishop has a lot of coffee-to-go, and my hair smells like oatmeal forest whatever with great hold. I know that Mr. C. Cow had a fabulous day because, as I write to all of you, I can hear the faint sounds of a wooden train whistle.

Woo Woo,

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken in Second Life by yours truly!

Second Life Location: Dreamshire (M)

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Just Before Midnight

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I am sad to say that I did not make it to midnight this time around. Instead of ringing in 2019, I fell asleep in a chair while listening to hockey around 10pm. Bishop went to bed early because he had a lot of work to do at the equipment company. The only ones to make it were Mr. C. Cow and Marslean.

I know that they had a fun time at midnight as there was a lot of popcorn on the floor, party string on the ceiling, and multiple juice boxes in the sink. I’m not sure why they were in the sink and not the garbage. I’m assuming that Marslean talked Mr. C. Cow into trying to make sink baskets with the empty containers.

Here are a few photos from 2018 of our various travels that I thought we would share as we look forward towards new journeys in 2019.

We hope that you all have a safe and happy 2019.

Many more travels to come!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

All photos taken by Cerulean in Second Life.

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The Waiting

Mr. C. Cow has been sitting with a plate of cookies since 6am this morning waiting for Santa to show up. Since they are besties, I told him to text before he got on the road. In typical fashion, he forgot to keep his phone charged and only had 3 percent. (He’s been playing that hot mobile game called “Half-Month” or whatever CONSTANTLY!)

He’ll Be Here Soon Mr. C. Cow!

I’ve gotten all of the presents wrapped ahead of schedule so I’m spending my evening drinking a glass of wine and watching holiday cooking shows. So far I’ve learned how to make a gingerbread mansion, ugly sweater cookies, and how to brûlée something without setting the counter on fire. Marslean has been muttering behind closed doors about paper cuts and the proper use of tape. I’m standing by with a first aid kit just in case she needs it.

Pro Tip: You can always find pre-wrapped boxes for easy present giving!

Bishop, always one to keep busy, has spent the day checking all holiday lights for burnt out bulbs, changed the oil on a forklift, drank a pot of coffee, and disappeared for an hour. Speculation has begun as to where he retreated to. Mr. C. Cow thinks he went to decorate his polar bear furs with holiday decorations to get into the holly jolly spirit. (I, HIGHLY, doubt it!) Marslean thinks he’s fighting the ultimate battle of present versus wrapping paper. I can’t say anything as I know what he was up to. Mr. C. Cow is going to be one happy little cow come Christmas Day.

Bishop made sure that all of the lights were working.

Mr. C. Cow has eaten all of the cookies he had on his plate for Santa. Luckily, he baked sixteen dozen so we wouldn’t run out. Patience during the little cow’s favorite time of the year has never been his strong suit. I hope that he doesn’t eat all of the cookies because, besides a tummy ache, I don’t want to have to break into the emergency cookie stash. What’s to say those don’t get eaten too?

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Pictures taken in Second Life by me at our personal home!

Mr. C. Cow is really excited to let you all know that we are opening our personal home up so that everyone has a place to go this holiday season. Family and friends are important to all of us and we feel that everyone should have a place to go for the holidays. You can find the link to get there via Second Life right HERE. Our home will be opened to the public until January 1st. Please be polite to anyone you may run into if you choose to visit. We also ask that you remember that this is our home.

Under our holiday tree are a few presents we put for sale for 1L. Please be nice and only take one so that everyone can get one. (There are only a few so I don’t know if there will be any left if you visit. Will try to put more out if we are able to during this busy holiday season.)