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Beep Beep Beep

I am betting that many of you have been wondering how Mr. C. Cow and I get all of our money to travel. How do we pay for gas? How do they have the money to eat? It’s easy! Mr. C. Cow lays golden eggs.

I’m joking!

We actually own a business along with my sweetheart (You’ll get to meet him soon enough!) Bishop. While we are out and about traveling the globe in our camper Bishop runs our heavy equipment business. It’s called “Tealeaf Equipment” and it’s across the street from a rest stop we opened on Route 11.


How much do you and Mr. C. Cow, actually, know about equipment?

The answer is…..we know that you use it to do stuff. Like move stuff or build stuff or whatever. That’s why Bishop runs the business while we are out sending postcards to all of you! We decided to open up an equipment company to make some camper gas money because Mr. C. Cow already owned a hard hat. I also liked the idea of having people pay me to drive around their yards and yell construction lingo while driving around.

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I think that Mr. C. Cow really enjoys the noise that machinery makes while backing up as he is very good at going “Beep Beep Beep”. Sometimes, while we are in the shop, we like to make the noise in harmony while Bishop drives by. I think that might be one of the reasons he’s in a great mood while we are off in the camper. That and the fact that we did, accidentally, run a port-a-potty over.

I think I need to send Bishop a gift basket for putting up with us, letting us travel and share, as well as replacing the port-a-potty.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Tealeaf Equipment On Route 11 (M)

I would also like to give a shout out to MayMay who is the artist who created the cartoon bunny you see in the postcard. (Your bunny is being safe up there I swear!) You can check out her artwork right HERE!

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Check Engine Light

This evening I taught Mr. C. Cow a little bit about auto maintenance when we stopped for Dinner. I had to explain that a jack is not used to lift various things like a picnic table or a box of crackers. Unless the crackers have a flat tire.

Chez Duan1

Here are a few phrases I never thought I would ever say but did while explaining all of this to Mr. C. Cow:

“Don’t put that that in your mouth! It’s covered in motor oil!”

“No. Cows do not have to change their personal spark plugs. Cows DO NOT HAVE spark plugs!”

“I don’t think that a cow has ACTUALLY jumped over the moon. What does this have to do with auto care?”

“We DO NOT test if the engine is cool with our tongue!”

I don’t EVEN want to get into the whole “dip stick” conversation. I love Mr. C. Cow but sometimes he can be trying.

Garage Chez Duane 2

Your Friend,
“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Garage “Chez Duan” (M)

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Friends Of Friends Of Friends

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Stopped at a carry out today to pick up some extra toilet paper and gum balls for Mr. C. Cow. Gum balls help to prevent him from chewing on door knobs. The extra toilet paper is because my lil cow thought it would be humorous to pretend to be a mummy. We now know that it takes a twenty-four pack of toilet paper to cover an entire cow.

We got the gum balls for Mr. C. Cow and I managed to find an apple amongst the candy bars and dried meat sticks wrapped in plastic. The lil cow wanted a dried meat stick but I had to explain to him what was in them. I think he might have to sleep with a little farm animal night light for a while after that traumatizing experience.

Friends don’t let friends eat dried meat sticks that could possibly contain other friends.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Marina Gas And Bait (M)



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Follow Pump Instructions


Driving a camper takes a lot of gas. It’s kinda hard to judge exactly when I’m almost out as the gas gage never seems to move. It’s almost like it’s just painted on.

Getting gas was slightly confusing today as I wasn’t exactly sure what “LOL”, “OMG”, and “WTF” were in terms of money. To be on the safe side I decided to go with plus gas for “OMG”. Weirdly enough I swiped my credit card and pumped the gas but the money amount never moved off of zero. It was almost like the amount was just painted on the gas pump.

Now that we are filled up (I think) it’s time to find a cool roadside attraction to hit up.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Poulco Gas Station (G)