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I have been really sick for the past week and we haven’t been able to travel around as much. Mr. C. Cow pulled the camper into our home yesterday, parked it, and made me get right into bed. He even made me vegetarian noodle soup. While I was sleeping he called a chef friend of his over and they are currently figuring out how to bake pies.  I’m glad I have someone to take care of me!

Mr. C. Cow & Friend Making Food

Being sick really stinks and I am hoping that I am back on my feet soon so we can get back on the road. Till then I’m going to be taking it easy for a few days. Hope to be back to our normal postcards next week!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I’m actually sick and hoping to be back on my feet by next week! Don’t worry! We won’t miss a postcard!

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Vincent Van Moo

Today we got a WONDERFUL letter from Mr. C. Cow’s cousin “Cowabunga”. He’s been a avid reader of our postcards since the beginning. He sent us a few pictures of his artwork.


Here we can see Mr. C. Cow and the camper stopped at some lovely flowers. Cowabunga informed us that he thought we would stop at flowers because we would use them to decorate the camper. (Note To Self: Get a nice flower vase so we don’t have to keep putting flowers in old jars of peanut butter.)

My favorite part of this drawing he sent us has to be of Mr. C. Cow himself. I’ve never seen a happier cow holding a flower!


Because Cowabunga wanted to be a part of this post he sent us a great selfie. I wonder if he has a  special selfie stick to use when you have hoofs. If not then someone should invent one. Although, you might not make too much money as I’ve never met a cow that didn’t try to pay for something with cud.


Cowabunga did send us the original drawing so we hung it up on our little camper fridge. Mr. C. Cow used his flower shaped magnet he got at a park we visited to match the flowers in the drawing. We send a big THANK YOU to for sending us the drawing as well as the photos. We’re really going to have to visit Mr. C. Cow’s cousin sometime.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

If you would like to send us a picture of any drawings you have depicting our adventures on the road you can send them to!

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Born And Raised

Mr. C. Cow and I wanted to announce a few of really cool things we plan on adding to our postcards in the next few months. 

  • Real life travel photos of Mr. C. Cow and myself as we travel around.
  • Exciting audio stories at some point
  • Drawings/Artwork/Crafty Stuff starring Mr. C. Cow and myself
  • News: Updates, changes, or any upcoming special events we might have going on!
  • Answering your questions: If you have a question let us know and we will answer them!
  • Fan Art Work! Send us your artwork if you want us to put it up.
  • Plus a bunch of wild and crazy things.

I’m really excited to get to all of these new things at some point in time. Our first real life travel photo will be the next postcard we post!

We did get a question the other day! Pieni The Cake Fox (You can check out her blog HERE) asked us:

“What does Mr. C. Cow’s drivers license look like?”

Good question! It, actually, only took him one try on his drivers test to get his license. I am assuming that Mooginia (Where he got his license) is very understanding of the difficulty one might have while driving a vehicle with hoofs. He is very proud of his license photo but wishes he would have smiled at bit more.


As you can see it doesn’t say what his first name is because he likes to keep people guessing. Amazingly enough we’ve only had one person ask us where “Mooginia” is and we’ve had to tell them it borders “West Mooginia” and “North Bovinlina”.

Thank you for the question Pie! We hope that you guys will enjoy a few of the new things we plan on adding and find them to be as amusing as our postcards!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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Have Cow Will Travel


I am not traveling alone on the open road. Some people travel with their dogs to keep them company. Others might travel with a person, a rock, or the little voices in their head. I’m traveling with Mr. C. Cow. He’s the best traveling companion to have as he loves to go anywhere, is camper trained, and makes the best tofu stir fry. There is a slight issue with trying to pass off licking a plate as a clean dish. We’re working on it.

We’ve stopped early for the day so we can look at a few maps to figure out where we might go next. Mr. C. Cow says we should just go wherever the road takes us. Then he ate the maps. I have to agree. Sometimes the best travel plans are no plans at all

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Sandbox (G)

This is a premium account Linden sandbox for premium account holders only. Great place to park the camper when taking cow pictures. Friends don’t let friends cow selfie and drive.

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On The Road Again


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It’s been a while since I’ve gotten out the ol’ camper and taken it out on the virtual roads. It was time to get back out there and vacation!

My name is “Tipsy” Cerulean and I am a professional traveler. I like to hit the open roads and explore in my camper. You never know what you might see out there or what postcards you might send back to your family and friends. I hope you’ll enjoy the trip (and the postcards sent home) as much as I will!


Location: Route 11 Rest Area