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We’re going to be home for a few days helping out Bishop but decided to take a small road trip today. Bishop insisted! He even gave us food money and told us to go find biscuits or gravy or a combo of both of them stuck together. Bishop needed a break from teaching Mr. C. Cow the difference between a screwdriver and a banana. I needed a break from all of the paperwork I’ve been doing. Mr. C. Cow just wanted food.

We drove about an hour away from the equipment company and stopped at a lovely seaside rest stop to attempt to get directions to the closest coffee shop. Mr. C. tried asking a bird eating pizza where we could also find food but the bird was having none of it. I think the bird thought that Mr. C. Cow was there to steal his pizza. Nobody wants to steal your pizza birdy! It looks like it was fresh in the 17th century. We’ll go find our own food thank you very much!

I thought the Dodo bird was extinct….

We did, finally, find a place to use that biscuit/gravy/combo money that Bishop had given us. The place looked a little shady to me. Mr. C. said it was just one of those themed restaurant things to look “hip”. I don’t think most themed restaurants go for GIANT GUNS on their roof to add to the ambience.

Protection against zombie invasion?

We were greeted by a lovely robot behind the counter named “Sir Cuit” . He ended up being well versed in the biscuit/gravy/combo making arts. On top of that Sir Cuit also doubled as a coffee machine. When one decides to open up a coffee shop it’s a great idea to be able to multitask your work. If you can percolate some coffee while making biscuits at the same time I say you win a multitasking gold star!

I can also make donuts!

It seemed that the area we were in was completely built out of recycled material. Brilliant idea in a world that is too into the “throw it away and get a shiny new one” lifestyle. I didn’t see any non-robot entities coming around this recycled town so I’m assuming they were all sleeping in that day. I started to ask Sir Cuit about this but then I remembered the GIANT GUN on the roof of his coffee shop. I’ll just leave that one alone….

That sign just called me short!!!!!!

Time to start heading back to the equipment shop. Bishop has probably had enough down time to get back to the whole “screwdriver vs. banana” conversation. (The biscuit/gravy/combo I’m bringing back to him will sure make him feel ready to go!) I should get all of my paperwork done today but you know what they say. They say something about “a mountain of paperwork multiplies into two birds in a basket so don’t count them…” or something like that. I never could get that right.

Mr. C. Cow looks like he’s had enough to eat this morning. I bought a little extra food because I know he’ll be moo-ing for more as soon as Bishop moves on to teach him the difference between a wrench and a cocktail napkin.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken in Second Life at: Junktown (M)

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The Candy Cow Can

While eating breakfast Mr. C. Cow and I, somehow, got on the subject of candy. Candy isn’t a really hard subject to randomly talk about with Mr. C. as he feels it’s an important part of a balanced diet. You try explaining to a cow that chocolate covered almonds are not a side dish! It’s not an easy thing to do. Especially if he’s wearing candy corn as “sweet teeth” in his mouth at the same time.

I’ll take one of everything! 

The one candy that I cannot understand why anyone would want to eat is a circus peanut. The name alone makes me think of something really gross that you would mistake for a peanut at a circus. (You know. Ewww!!) As for the candy itself it has the texture of a packing peanut. If you have a moving emergency and are out of packing peanuts you could use a circus peanut in it’s place. (As long as you don’t mind your stuff getting sticky if it’s hot out!)

I see circus peanuts in your future…..

Mr. C. Cow thinks that circus peanuts are a wonderful candy invention. When he eats one he says he likes to pretend that he is at an actually circus. I’m not sure if he eats them to just feel like he’s at the circus or actually likes the taste. Then again, Mr. C. isn’t one to pass up any type of candy. If it is considered a candy or has the word “candy” in the name then he’s a fan. Maybe I should buy him a t-shirt that proclaims his fandom.

“THIS Cow LOVES Candy!”

Instead of a t-shirt I should probably make him some sort of candy costume. Maybe one of those wrapped hard candy’s or a chocolate bar wrapper. When we go to various places that just happen to have a candy shop he can dress like the merchandise. In all seriousness, I just think it would be kinda cute to see him walk around as a chocolate bar. I know he’d get a kick out of it.

How about we just have some cake instead?

Now I’m going to have to find enough fabric to create the ultimate in candy fan costume. Instead of going to a candy store Mr. C. we might need to find a place that sells fabric. If you’re going to buy candy might as well look the part.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Photo Location: Market Square At Orchard Heights (M)

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Box O’ Mime

Mr. C. Cow and I have been making our way back home for the past few days. Bishop had a really great idea for a new business to open next to the equipment company (Not telling you yet!) and needed some help moving stuff around. I’m pretty good at hanging things on walls BUT only if Mr. C. lets me stand on his back. If I don’t then the stuff gets hung halfway up the wall. Knowing this fact Bishop still asked us to help. He’s nice like that.

On our way home the road became a bit too slick and the rain too heavy for us to travel any farther till it let up.

Call Me Call Me Anytime…..

We ended up parked in some sort of alley next to the garbage from the local businesses. Not the nicest of smelling places to park a camper but, when you have no choice, you sometimes end up parking in unfortunate areas.

We were lucky, as it was really late, that there was at least one joint open to grab a bit to eat (and maybe a cocktail) before the rain went away. Their open sign was like some sort of lighthouse beacon saying “Come out of the rain and into a dry martini” or whatever a lighthouse beacon would say if it was attached to a bar.


Now…I’m more then happy to dry my giant hair and enjoy a cocktail. Mr. C. Cow likes neon signs and was happy to stare at them inside the bar while waiting. What we didn’t expect while doing this whole happy/dry/cocktail/neon sign thing was a bartender that just happened to be a mime. How does a mime bartend? Wouldn’t he get stuck in some box behind the bar? How does he answer a question about the beer selection if he doesn’t speak?

Can you please explain your extensive wine list?

We were lucky that we didn’t have any questions about the menu or drink selection because he did a lot of hand jive wall climbing action instead of speaking. I shouldn’t really say anything mean and I won’t because he was a wonderful bartender. Efficient in his drink pouring and service. I guess mimes need to work because a mimes got to eat.

I “Love” this neon sign Mr. C.!

The rain was steady and didn’t look like it was going anywhere for a while. Mr. C. Cow was happy to count the number of neon signs the bar offered and I was just fine to eat cocktail peanuts and watch him shake it on the dance floor. (A cow can’t live on neon sign counting alone. Sometimes you have to shake it on the dance floor).

Hopefully the rain will let up soon. Bishop needs us!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Morning Glory (What’s The Story?) Bar & Pub (M) 

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When You Give A Shrub A Sandwich

Mr. C. Cow and I stopped the other day to picnic. While I was picking up after we had finished our dining I caught Mr. C. trying to feed a sandwich to a bear shaped shrub.

Shrub Bear’s Model Pose. 

Why in the world was Mr. C. Cow trying to feed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to a shrub? I know it’s shaped like a bear but it’s not like the shrub actually needed a sandwich. When I asked him I was informed that he felt it got tired of always being on the “photosynthesis diet” and needed a bit of variety. That both makes sense and no sense at the same time. I got Mr. C. to stop attempting to stuff a pb&j into a bear shrub and finish his lunch.

At least Mr. C. Cow didn’t notice this statue and try to feed it!

The attempt at feeding a plant a sandwich got me thinking about how, sometimes, our brains go to silly places when we look at certain things. Take this train warning sign for example:


Do trains bite? Do they sneak up behind you and attempt to steal your purse if you’re not careful? Are the trains hanging out with the “bad crowd” and throwing dice in back alleys? 

Thinking about trains in the sense of being criminals instead of the obvious “don’t play on train tracks or you’ll get squished” is kinda fun. Not as much fun as feeding plants picnic food (according to Mr. C. Cow) but fun anyways.

Beautiful View By Our Picnic Spot!

I never know what Mr. C. Cow is going to do when we stop the camper sometimes. One moment he might be spouting philosophy to passing ducks than attempting to use a sled on a playground slide for “maximum speed” the next.

I must say he is NEVER boring and does, on occasion, get my imagination pumped up as well!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Hodby Village (M)

I want to give a shout-out to my friend Ramblingal Bun for pointing out this location for us to visit! She owns a store called “Classic Accessories” that is located at the Hodby Village. Check it out if you’re passing by!

(Not a paid endorsement for the store. Just want to give some love for sharing this nice location for postcards!)

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Mutton Chops

It’s not often that a saucy gentleman in a jaunty mustache tips his hat at you outside of a bar. On a cobblestone street.

He needs a cape to complete the look.

Ok. In all honesty this happens more than I like to admit. I am starting to wonder if my “hair is larger than the rest of my body” attracts people who like to twirl their villain mustaches. Some people attract “the norm” while I am a gravitational pull to those that enjoy top hats and wicked “Muah Ha Ha!!” laughs.

The sight of this gentleman outside of the bar has almost distracted me from todays postcard! Forgive us! 

Today we found ourselves in some sort of small town that seems to have stopped evolving into the shiny contemporary city styles you see today somewhere around the time when mutton chops were a thing. Not complaining because I enjoy having a pint or two someplace that is untouched by the whole tweeter facebot era.

Trying to explain “snackchat” thing to the bartender.

I mean…you need to just take a look at their local grocery store to really understand that this small village hasn’t grasped the concept of healthy living and bring your own bags to save the planet. In place of those shiny ads telling you to eat the latest in low-cal no fat half-Caff protein sticks in a can the store explains just how much tobacco you can purchase.

Smoke cigars not meat I say!

After purchasing five pounds of loose leaf tea, a box of cigars, a bucket of flour, and goat feed (you never know when you might need goat feed!) I could not bring myself to drive off for the evening. Mr. C. Cow had found a place that sold villain twirling mustaches and hand crank coffee grinders so he also did not want to travel on into the night. Purchases securely placed in the camper we forged onward to the local hotel.

A room with indoor plumbing will cost you extra.

All of this exposure to pounds of dry goods, pints of beer, mutton chops, and the overwhelming feeling that I might need to learn how to shoe a horse (a valuable skill in this town) I feel we might need to leave after we spend the night.  I’m afraid that if we stay any longer Mr. C. Cow might take up blacksmithing. I would have to learn how to play ragtime on the piano while Mr. C. dances for pennies.

To think that a day that started out with a mustached villain tipping his hat somehow ended up with us having to haul around giant sacks full of goat feed in a camper.  Sometimes, when I look back at what we’ve written in our postcards, I am not exactly sure how we got here. All I know is that we need to leave.

And maybe find one of those protein sticks in a can.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Glastonbury (M)

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And Failed Me In Geology

(Part 1 is right here of our 2 part time EXPLOSION!)

I don’t know if knew this but being sucked into a time-nado swirly thing kinda does a number on your stomach. It’s like being on a boat and getting sea sick then getting sucked into a whirlpool. Minus the being wet part. I’m really bad at trying to give a good “sucked up into who knows where time” description. What I do know is that we were swirling and whirling and time jumping like we were some sort of alien with two hearts.

At least there’s food!


At first we ended up in some sort of 1950s sock hop/lots of flamingo decor era. Since we hadn’t eaten breakfast the 50s gave us the perfect opportunity to go to a diner. One should never forget to eat during a time warp crisis. Pancakes are a cure-all.

As soon as we paid our bill we were sucked up, once again, by that weird swirling time-nado thing. I wish it would have, at least, waited for our breakfast to settle. Mr. C. Cow and I were thrown out the other side looking a little greener than usual.

Good thing Mr. C. Cow just happened to have a top hat on him to gain entrance!

Ahh…the roaring 20s. Or is this the 30s? 40s? It didn’t really matter as we could hear the sound of jazz music through the doors of some place called the “Calendar Club”. I’m not one to pass up good jazz and the opportunity for an old-fashioned cocktail. Mr. C. Cow isn’t the type to pass up the opportunity to wear a top hat. If we were going to be stuck somewhere back in time what better way to spend it then at some sort of speakeasy. Hopefully we’ll be here for a long while then, somehow, find our way home.

Oh…come on! Not another time-nado! But…I would like another cocktail!


We landed next to a pile of chairs on fire. Who does that kinda thing? Chairs are supposed to be for sitting not for burning. I have a feeling that there is a SERIOUS amount of fire code violations going on here.

Wait…where are we? No cars? Horse drawn carriages? Industrial revolution? 

We really needed to get back to our own time! At this rate we were going to end up getting eaten by a dinosaur. The 50s diner was great for breakfast. The Calendar Club was great for cocktails. The…late 1800s/early 1900s had us afraid that we would freeze to death on cobblestone streets. Neither one of us had brought a coat and Mr. C. Cow was starting to cry.

Cow tears are not tiny. When cow tears start they start big and have a hard time stopping. When he cries I start to cry. I can’t help myself. We sat on a street corner and cried as the snow kept coming down on us. We cried as the horse dung guy cleaned up the streets. We cried till we ran out of tears, recharged them, then cried some more. Hope was starting to slip away as another time-nado decided to suck us back up. This time we didn’t care. We just wanted to go home.

Wait…where are we? A lab? A LAB!

Somehow we had found ourselves back where we started. The lab was still a mess and the clock said that no minutes had passed. How did we get back?  How did we end up going through time in the first place? What kind of crazy scientist thinks it’s a good idea to drink a couple of bottles of liquor and let loose the science of time?

Neither Mr. C. Cow or I felt like figuring out how this was even possible. We didn’t even want to clean up the bottles lying around on the floor. (Although I was sorely tempted to do so. I hate to see stuff laying around like that!) Any sane person would turn around and run out of that building not looking back. We are some pretty sane individuals so we did just that.

I think that Mr. C. Cow is going to need to write a strongly worded email to his scientist friend about the state of her laboratory as well as the numerous safety violations going on. I think that I am going to have to write an email to some sort of government agency or man in a blue box or something telling them about the rips in time.

I need another drink!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Time Portal – Time Machine Laboratory (G)

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Cities Never Sleep

I have never been on a subway before. Mr. C. was SHOCKED and informed me that we needed to change that ASAP! I asked him if he had ever been on a subway and he had heard me wrong and thought I had said I had never had a sub sandwich before. Not only was today the day that we were both going to ride a subway for the first time it was also the day that I made a hearing appointment for Mr. C.

Since we were close to a big city that just happened to have a subway system we decided to try our hand at taking the train. The city we were in didn’t seem like it was the best of shape. The buildings all looked like they had seen better days and there were no people around. I had always assumed that big cities never slept. Maybe they weren’t sleeping but taking a quick nap.  When we made it down to the not so clean subway platform we figured out what we were doing and safely made it on.

We settled on taking the train to one station then back so we wouldn’t get too far away from our camper. Solid plan for two solid kinda critters. The platform, like the city itself, seemed to be pretty empty. Maybe we had missed rush hour. The only other passenger on the train was a rabbit that seemed to be sleeping, with his eyes open, on the subway floor.  (We seem to have some sort of strange bunny theme going on this week!)

That doesn’t look very sanitary!

I told Mr. C. Cow, who was creeped out by the writing on the floor, to just ignore the unusual sleeping bunny and not step on him. He managed this by sitting on the other side of the train as far away as he possibly could from the odd rabbit. I held his hoof and told him to think of the adventure we were on. First time subway rides only happen once. Enjoy the ride and look out the window.

That went just fine until we got to our destination. Just look out the window…..

Shouldn’t you be behind some sort of safety line or whatever?

Mr. C. Cow FLIPPED OUT. I don’t blame him. I had an “EPPP!” moment myself. I told him to not blame the subway system but blame the city we decided to take our first trip in. We should have known better than to take a ride when the city seemed uninhabited. The only souls we saw was the weird bunny laying on the train car floor and this bozo who thought it would be amusing to scare the dung out of a poor little cow (and otter!).

When we got out of the train, curiously enough, that fool of a bunny who scared us through the window was nowhere to be found. That, in itself, was disturbing. Where does a giant rabbit disappear to? I didn’t want to dwell on this so we quickly made our way up and out onto the street.

Mr. C. Cow did not want to get back on the train to get to our camper. Just the thought of it made him shed a little bovine tear. I patted his shoulder and promised that the next subway trip we would take WOULD NOT be in this desolate, bizarre city. I pulled out my cell phone and called up one of those car services to come pick us up.

I’m glad the service driver seemed to be normal. She was friendly and informed us that NO ONE ever went to the city at night. Just the thought of anyone getting on the subway system in this town made her shutter. When questioned as to why she seemed to go quiet and change the subject to something more pleasant. I took the hint and we didn’t speak of this chilling place again.

Go figure!

I learned some things today.

Don’t get on the subway in a town that doesn’t seem to have any residents.

If you see a rabbit sleeping with his eyes open while laying on a subway train floor just get off the train. Don’t even bother to take the ride.

Scaring others through a window is not cool.

Vegetarian sub sandwiches are yummy.

Mr. C. Cow, after his hearing appointment, had perfect hearing. He just wasn’t paying attention to what I was saying.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

P.S. – We did get on the subway again in a different town. Pleasant ride! No lasting fears in Mr. C. Cow! Huzzah!

Second Life Location: Silent Hill Experience (M)

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Lost And Found

The moment of truth had finally arrived. The directions were correct. The camper had made it there (with only a few stops for snacks). This was it. We had found the home of Santa Claus. Only…we had one slight issue. Actually it was more like a few slight issues holding hands. Yes…we were being thwarted by a chain of gingerbread people.

Oh Come On!!!

We were finally on our way to see the jolly man and we were stopped by a group of gingerbread people. I thought that they might attack us. Mr. C. Cow thought they wanted to just sing a few songs to us. We were lucky and the cow was right. They just wanted to sing us a few holiday songs before we went on our way. What is up with me & gingerbread people? I know they were just singing but I could have sworn that one of them was staring at us like we were the ones made out of cookies.

To make our visit to the great bearded one an elf offered to walk us up to his special visitors center. It makes sense that Santa would have a special place to greet his guests. You wouldn’t want everyone walking around your house. The carpet cleaning bill would be astronomical!

Welcome To The North Pole! Have A Complementary Wreath!

Mr. C. Cow couldn’t wait to see Santa. He had his list ready to go and was so excited he skipped the whole way up to the visitors center. As we approached the doors they magically opened and we were able to gaze upon the great man himself.

OMG! It’s Santa!!!!

Our little cow friend made his way up to Santa and gazed upon that amazing white beard…then passed out. He didn’t just slowly slide down to the ground. It was more like a massive cow drop to the floor. Almost to Santa…bam…plop…passed out by Santa’s magic toy bag. The excitement and the weeks of searching leading up to finally finding the guy was just too much for Mr. C. Cow.

I felt so bad for my poor little cow friend but before I could help him up Santa was down on the floor talking to him as he was waking up. He helped Mr. C. Cow up on all four hoofs, patted him on the head, and told him to not be embarrassed or upset that he had passed out.  It happens to all of us.

Santa Claus, being one of the greatest hosts of all time, not only took Mr. C. Cow’s list but also allowed him to eat off of the elf lunch cart so that he wouldn’t pass out again. So nice of the Claus thinking about the wellbeing of one cow. I guess that’s why he’s the man in charge of the presents.


I am glad that we finally made it to the North Pole. Mr. C. Cow had been trying to find Santa for weeks and to finally find him (even though we had a bit of an issue) made this whole search worth it. I hope that Mr. C. gets everything he asked for. No cow loves the holiday as much as he does.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Second Life Location: Christmas Winter Holiday Village (G)

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Norths Around Here Somewhere

The holiday season is funny sometimes. Sometimes you find yourself trying to find Santa Claus with a cow determined to touch his beard. (I said we do not lick beards so he had to settle with asking the Claus if he could touch it). Other times you find yourself trying to avert a small cows eyes from certain packages under some individuals holiday trees.

Glad They Got What They Asked For!

Yes…we are still on the hunt for Santa Claus. Mr. C. Cow REALLY has a few important questions to ask him. I think they are all pretty important questions to ask the big man himself.

How long did it take you to grow your beard?

Can I have a cool seat cover for the camper? Something in a cow print. (But fake cow!)

Do you practice your ho ho ho holiday spirt every day or every other day?

How many cookies do you eat in one night?

On our search for the Claus we stopped to chit chat with a few of the local wildlife. They were unsure of where the North Pole was (I keep saying “Umm…Mr. C. Cow…It’s North!” but no one seems to listen to me.) BUT were great company none the less.

Did you know that arctic foxes are great at making gourmet hot chocolate? I never knew this and was delighted when a fox by the name of “Gumdrop” shared some of his special stash. (I wonder if Gumdrop is related to Pieni somehow.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mr. C. Cow along with his new friends (Gumdrops neighbors Myrtle & Nancy Deer stopped in for some of the cocoa action) discussed the proper way to find Mr. Claus. There was talk of GPS (They thought it stood for “Great Place Search”.) use as well as attempting a trap involving milk and cookies. I just stayed out of this whole conversation (mumbling “Head North”! under my breath) and drank the hot chocolate.

When it was time to go they were no closer to figuring out where the North Pole was then they were when they first started. I wasn’t worried that their conversation didn’t lead them anywhere. I was just glad Mr. C. Cow was able to share his holiday excitement. Luckily for him I not only have something called “GPS” I can also find North on a compass.

Mr. C. Cow…I WILL get you to the Big Bearded Man!!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: Mieville Tinyopolis (M)

Miss Mattie, who owns Tinyopolis, has a wonderful blog that I think you should check out. You can find it right HERE!

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Flash Blind

We stopped for breakfast today and I decided to give Mr. C. Cow the chance to take pictures for the postcards we send to you all. It took a few minutes to explain to him how the camera worked. While trying to explain to him how to turn the flash on he kept taking pictures of his eyeballs. When he figured out how to turn the flash on he kept taking pictures of my eyeballs. After begging him to stop flashing my eyes I, blindly, explained to him how the camera worked. His excitement at being giving the opportunity to take “artistic postcard photos” (as he called it) he was happy to snap away. While Mr. C. Cow flitted around with the camera I was able to both regain my eyesight and have pancakes.

Mr. C. Cow picked out two of his favorite photos to share with all of you as postcards today. We weeded out the ones that were photos of his hoofs, random blurry sky shots, and ones that involved up close photos of scrambled eggs. I’ll let Mr. C. Cow take over and tell you all about his “artistic postcards”.

Postcards by Mr. C. Cow

Postcard #1: Tipsy Eats Breakfast


This postcard should make you feel like you’re spying a friend who is just gotten a plate of food at the local restaurant. You see them through the window and think “I could really go for something breakfasty!”. They don’t see you so this gives you the chance to lick the window in anticipation of food.

Postcard #2: Birdies Gotta Bird


This postcard portrays the plight of the crow looking for breakfast. Stopped at the door of the restaurant because they have no money. Understandable since birds are not born with built in pockets to hold their money. See the sadness on the birds face? “I want breakfast but I can’t fly with a wallet in my beak.”.  Don’t worry! When Tipsy wasn’t looking I “borrowed” one of her pancakes and gave it to the crow.

Thank you! (Bows)
Mr. C. Cow

Um….OK then…..

This explains a few things I was feeling as I was eating my breakfast. I felt that someone was spying on me while I was eating my pancakes. Take a bite out of my food and see something out of the corner of my eye flashing. Look and nothing but a weird wet marks on the window next to me. We’re going to need to discuss the reason why we don’t lick windows. I also now feel kinda bad as I accused the waitstaff of shorting me a pancake. At least a hungry crow got some food.

I think I’ll have to let Mr. C. Cow take some of his “artistic postcards” again in the future. He’s starting to get the hang of it so, I am assuming, his photos will just look better and better. After breakfast he did go buy a weird hat that he said gave him “inspiration for photo taking” so I’m now forced into it. I’m not complaining. I just hope he stops taking “spy pictures”.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Ravenscroft Alpine Restaurant (M)

If you’re wondering what Second Life is then you can check out their website HERE.