Our Friends

Here is a list of websites of our friends that have helped us out! Thank you!

Kinkhead Creations (Our company dedicated to bringing you various humor/art/story/photo websites.)

Lizzy “Liz” Zilla (My web comic about the live of Liz who just happens to be a GIANT lizard. Her life is like the rest of ours. Only with more fire/death/stick people.)

I need to give them lots of love because they are ALWAYS sharing our postcards with the world. Thank you! Please check out ZZ Bottom Misadventures In Virtual Worlds!

If  you would like us to add a link to your website then let me know! All we ask for in return is that you put a link on your website to ours. Sounds fair to us! Just drop me an email at kinkheadcreations@gmail.com.