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Fashionable Wreath

It’s Mr. C. Cows favorite time of the year. Holiday trees. Garland. Tinsel that gets stuck onto his horns if he gets to close to them. Decorating the camper and our house with lights. The season brings out some sort of holly holiday homemaker/baking champion out in Mr. C. Cow.

What does this mean for me? It means that, during the month of December, I find myself visiting as many places that involved Santa Claus, stockings hung by chimneys with care, and sugar plum fairy attractions as possible. If it promises yuletide cheer we’re there. Even if they just have a sock hung on a wood burning stove then Mr. C. Cow will want to see it.

Today we stopped at an extra snowy area because we saw a couple of bears (and a bunny) decked out for the holidays. Mr. C. Cow just had to know where they bought their fashionable duds.


Did you know that there is some sort of warehouse dedicated to the sale of wreaths as necklaces? I wasn’t aware that such a thing existed but, according to the bears (and a bunny), it was the best place to find such items in a generous bear (or critter) size. The things you learn when you just stop and talk to others!

While they discussed the pros and cons of wearing real plants I sat on a log and watched two small bears in cute little tiny sweaters ice skate.


They weren’t half bad and would stop on occasion to give each other bear hugs. As they twirled and hugged Mr. C. Cow and his new friends discussed how one waters live wreaths safely. (You take them off BEFORE watering. Makes perfect sense to me.) When they started to get into talking about proper pruning techniques I watched a group of animals on a sled wiz on by with a bunch of presents.


The cat driving was a maniac behind the wheel (errr…string….rope…sled harness? Whatever!). They were going so fast that the little bear along with their presents flipped off the back. The cat was so focused on driving that he didn’t even notice the loss of passengers and cargo. Alarmed I rushed to the little bears side. His tiny little head was stuck in a snow drift so I pulled him out and checked for broken paws (and head!). The bear , who gave their name as Tim, was fine just a little shook up. When Tim realized that the cat (who happened to be named “Speedy” Sam) had left him behind he started to cry.

“How will I ever carry all of these presents to the forest creatures without the sled??” (Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo)

Giving Tim the tiny bear a hanky to wipe his tears away (and to blow his nose…I told him he could keep the hanky) I said that Mr. C. Cow and I would be more then happy to give him a lift. Grateful for the kindness he accepted. I managed to pull Mr. C. Cow away from his conversation and we dropped the bear off just in time to make a bunch of woodland creatures day.

We learned a few things today. Driving a sled at neck breaking speeds is not recommended. If you decide to wear a wreath as a scarf be sure that you are not allergic to it. If it involves the holidays Mr. C. Cow will hunt it down and you will visit it.

That’s a lot of learning!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: Winter At Silvershade (M) 

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Delicious Disaster

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Today we ran into a bit of pink fog. I think this could possibly be the first time I have ever attempted to drive a camper through pink fog. It started to get so bad that we ended up having a slight accident and getting our back tires stuck in mud. Upon close inspection we found that we weren’t stuck in mud but in chocolate frosting. Not only was this our first time driving through pink fog it was also the first time chocolate frosting has stopped us.

In desperate need of a tow truck we walked a mile up the road in search of a town. If this day couldn’t get any weirder the only town we could find consisted of tiny ginger bread houses. I was extremely worried that no one would have a candy tow truck. Or a cookie tow truck. Any tow truck for that matter.

Just when we thought all was lost a small little cookie man came out of his cookie house, waved, and told us his name was Mr. Crumbly. After explaining our chocolate frosting issue he was more then happy to call up the local tow truck driver and direct us to the nearest cafe for a bite to eat.

After getting a camper stuck in frosting, walking a mile, and meeting the most delicious man to ever walk the earth I was famished. A nice healthy fruit tray with some cheese sounded amazing. Alas, the only thing the “Cookie Time” cafe served was various types of deserts. At this point I was slightly creeped out and frightened of our little cookie hosts. If he’s made out of candy and cookie and they serve cookies and candy at a cafe then where did this food come from? Was it the flesh of their enemies? I declined the food and settled for a water.

Two hours passed by and we were finally able to set back down the road. As we waved goodbye to our little cookie friends and looked out towards the milkshake mountains we thought about our strange day. Where did all that cafe food really come from?

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: The Pink Dragon (G)