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Hops And Crafts

Mr. C. Cow was on the phone yesterday and all I could hear him talk about was “the craft scene”. I wasn’t trying to listen in or anything. He sometimes makes it hard to not overhear his conversations because he’s a loud telephone talker. What was a “craft scene”? Is that where all the hip kids go to knit hats and do the origami thing? Why am I always the last to know about something neato?

It wasn’t until later on during the day that I found out “the craft scene” had nothing to do with making throw pillows or boxes out of popsicle sticks. Mr. C. Cow was talking about craft beer. I should have known better because the last time Mr. C. used glue he got his hoofs stuck together.

Looks More Like Moonshine Than Beer To Me!

Mr. C. Cow’s telephone conversation got me thinking about combining crafts with craft beer. Make marionette puppets out of cardboard tubes while having a pint. Maybe sip on a stout while making a solar system out of styrofoam balls. (Crafty and educational!) As long as we make sure Mr. C. doesn’t glue his hoofs to a beer glass it might be entertaining!

If we cover the pool table we could make shell necklaces on it!

Next time we go to a brewery I’m taking my arts and crafts kit with us. Maybe others would appreciate making yarn dolls. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken in Second Life by yours truly.

SL Location: Moonbat Brewery (M) 

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Beer Wagon

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It’s kinda hard to maneuver a camper down an alleyway let alone a small cobblestone street. Besides the fact that it is extremely narrow you run the risk of running over someones garbage can. While visiting a small, picturesque town we had to park the camper and walk around. I didn’t want to run over any pedestrians, market signs, and those pesky garbage cans.

Mr. C. Cow gets a kick out of shopping in areas that involved cobblestone streets. The “clip clop” sound of hoofs on the ground seem to make him feel ten times mightier than the biggest Clydesdale. I wonder how he would feel if he realized that, as a Clydesdale, he would have to pull a beer wagon around. If he hates hauling a basket of laundry out of a dryer then I don’t think he would want to pull beer around for miles. Drink beer? Yes. Pull beer? No.

I was able to get Mr. C. Cow to stop the clip clop for a moment to sit outside at a cafe table for an afternoon tea break. We watched shoppers with their shopping bags eye items in nearby shop windows. Butterflies flittering around a fountain. The sun wandering in and out of the clouds. A few deer stopped by our table to converse with us about the weather. I think they were more interested in our tea cakes then the state of the atmospheric stuff swirling around. We didn’t want to be rude so we shared our food. Sometimes someone will come up to you and ask for a quarter. Sometimes a herd of deer will ask for dessert. This might be the first time we’ve ever dealt with panhandling deer.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Rue D’Antibes (G)