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Cocktail Deck

There are a few things in life that Mr. C. Cow knows more about then I do. Collecting antique milk cans. How to make stripes and plaid go together. Boating lingo. While I might be able to “natter like a pirate”, boat parts and whatnot are confusing. When Mr. C. Cow starts talking about the “stern of the boat” I keep thinking that it means the boat is really strict. I was told that stern means “the after part of the boat” I still don’t know what that means. What’s an “after part”? Once he showed me the fluke of an anchor and I thought he was talking about the anchor having some strange stroke of luck. I don’t think Mr. C. Cow was very impressed with my boat knowledge.

Where’s The Poop Deck?

We have been sailing a few times together. While I’m under the impression that I’ll get to wear a pirate hat while sipping cocktails on whatever part of the boat is the cocktail deck, Mr. C. Cow is more into practicing his square knots on the starboard bow.

Wow! We have a star on board? Neato!

Maybe I should brush up on my terms because  Mr. C. Cow keeps shaking his head every time I giggle at the word “Bulkhead”. Come on! It sounds like someone with a really large (and heavy) head. Who wouldn’t giggle at that? I also should probably tone down my pirate talk on our next trip together. Mr. C. doesn’t appreciate it when I keep yelling “Watch out fer sharks ‘n jellyfish Sailor Cow! Pass me th’ rum! Yarr!”.

Beautiful Day For Sailing!

We all like to get a bit goofy at times. I actually do know where the starboard is on a ship. (It’s the right side of the ship when looking forward.) Mr. C. Cow knows that I really don’t think a bulkhead is a large-headed individual. Being best friends we sometimes like to pick on each other. Even so, I do insisted that I get to wear a pirate hat and drink cocktails on our next boat trip. Maybe this time I can figure out where the cocktail deck is.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Pictures taken in Second Life by…Me!

Second Life Location: Sister’s Cove (M) 



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Swab The Deck

Today Mr. C. Cow and I saw an amazing looking museum while driving through a big city today. Outside we could see a GIGANTIC SHIP connected to the museum. There was much hoof pointing and mooing at the ship that we had to stop. I like museums and Mr. C. Cow has never been on such a big boat before.

USS Wisconsin2

We learned that the ship was named the USS Wisconsin and the building next to it was a huge museum full of educational fun. While Mr. C. Cow pretended to be a captain by playing with the replica controls I learned a lot about the battleship. It’s a Iowa class battleship that is 887 feet 3 inches long. That’s a mighty big ship! The Wisconsin earned five battle stars in WWII, and one for the Korean War. It also earned a Navy Unit Commendation for its service during the first Gulf War. Knowing the history before boarding made the experience more exciting.

After pulling Mr. C. Cow away from trying to pet every horseshoe crab in their ocean exhibit it was our turn to wander around the battleship. I’m a little scared of heights so Mr. C. Cow held my hand when we crossed the bridge onto the ship. He made me stand by these ginormous guns while he took a picture. Glad I wore my sunglasses that day because, boy, it sure was sunny out!

USS Wisconsin1

If you’re ever in Norfolk, Virginia I recommend you check out Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin. It’s worth a stop!

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Check out museum website Nauticus which is a museum that also features tours of the USS Wisconsin

Wiki Page On The USS Wisconsin 

We would like to thank those past and present who have made it their lives to protect ours. Thank you to all of you! 

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Mapped Out


Remember how we recently stopped early and Mr. C. Cow ate all of our maps? It seemed like a good idea at the time. A good idea till we somehow drove off the road, onto a passing ship, and ended up on a small island in the middle of nowhere. In the dark. Lucky for us there was a map of the area on the docks. Mr. C. Cow found this to be very “a-moo-sing”. I found this to be a slight problem as we were on a small island with no roads in a large RV.

I started to have some sort of weird deserted island feeling and  informed the cow that we needed coconuts. We could make them into working radios. Mr. C Cow kept saying we needed to put a lime in a coconut for some odd reason.  Maybe we should stop panicking and study that giant map in front of us. 

After we discovered where we were a boat came by and we were able to get back on the road. I think we might take turns sleeping and driving tonight so we cover some ground. Driving at night is peaceful. No one on the road with you. The stars in the sky. A cow in the passenger seat that has a thing for singing songs about barnyards. I’m glad he ate our maps. Life would be pretty dull if we had them.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Enchanted Adventures Theme Park (G)